There is a Possibility of a Gold iPhone

It seems that the development of the modern technology always provide something new so that people could gain lots of benefits it provides. Apple for example, soon after they release the new iPhone5 (it is even less than a year they come up with this viral product), they has announced that the new generation of iPhone is on its way. Whether we will be able to see the new iterations or not, is still unknown. But guess, their web has been being littered with lots of new images and rumours relating with both iPhone 5c (the cheap one) and also a new iPhone that has a huge potential to have a finger print reader (how cool is that? And it will be called iPhone5s).

Another rumours being talked in most forums is that there will be an additional features, the gold colour way option. Well, the goldy may not possibly be quite that attractive, but it sure it could gives you that classy and expensive look (actually you do not have to use the goldy feature. I mean, we all know apple products are all expensive). However, it is too soon to decide whether the rumours are true or not. It’s hard to verify the validity of the images posted. However, if you are up to date on some Apple Insider article, they have been talking about a gold iPhone for so long. But let’s put aside physical appearance that doesn’t contribute at all on its specification. There is a prediction that the next gen of iPhone will have a same screen, with an addition of next gen chip of A7. The storage is larger to, up to 128GB.

Hopefully, there will be an update too for the camera. We expect that the lens will be updated so we could possibly get a large F2.0. And we also expect dual LED flashes. But to be sure whether this rumour is true or not, I guess you have to wait for at least a month. Apple will announce its new iPhone product in September 10th. Until then, keep dreaming and expecting that they literally come up with something unique and new (just like what Samsung has done) and not only just provide you with a larger screen (which is pretty much useless). So, get latest and more up to date news from Apple in sooner time. Keep visiting their official website for more information.

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