Why Lifestyle Change only Last for a Week

When you feel your life is a big mess, you need to change your lifestyle to live better. To change your lifestyle, you do some internet research and you find a good way to change your lifestyle. The first day is very hard but you keep it up. The second day is easier and you continue to the seventh day. The eighth day should be easy because you successfully did it for seven days but it turns out to be the opposite. The eighth day becomes disaster because you get back to the messed life you have before. Why your lifestyle change only last for a week?

The common reason why you get back to the old bad lifestyle is due to lose of motivation. The first time you decide to change your lifestyle, you are fully motivated because you imagine that your world would be great. However, the motivation fades over time when you face problems during your efforts to change your life. Lifestyle change needs so much energy and you fell so tired. Then, when the result is not as good as your imagination, your motivation will disappear suddenly.

Most time, lifestyle change involves transformation of many things at once. When life transformation happens to you, it would create shock that you may not able to handle it. You become confuse because your world change so fast and you do not know how to live like that. Because you already get used to the bad habit, you feel it would be easier to get back to your old life.

The plan could also become a reason to the disaster. Many times the plan could not go as the way it supposed to be because something interrupts it. For example, when you have a diet program, the first week runs well because you have ordinary days but in the eighth day, you must attend a barbeque party and the meat interrupts your diet. You may think it would be okay if you slip it for a day but commonly, the interruption last longer and you could not get back to the plan.

The other reason why you do bad habit again is due to unsupported surroundings. Sometime, you do bad habit because people around you do the same. It would be so weird if you do the opposite and the pressure is big. When you try to change your habit but your surroundings stay the same, it would be so hard to keep the change. Especially if people around you discourage you to do the change and always try hard to make you back to them. You may able to fight them for several days but you finally give up because the pressure is too strong.

In order to keep the lifestyle change and make it last forever, you must find the real motivation that will last. Prepare yourself for the worst and do not put your expectation too high but make it step-by-step with logical goals. Make your diary of change and write down your achievement. When you see the achievement, it would increase your motivation. For better result, it would be great if you have someone to involve in your change.

Before you begin, make a good plan that make sense and stick with it. Start it from small change and change your behavior one at a time so you will not shock and it would be easier to get used to the change. As preventive action, it would be good if you make plan B, in case the plan A fail. If the surrounding does not help you at all, try to find a new friends and new place to hang out that the environment would be more supporting.

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