Wisely Use Your Internet

Internet has been very popular these current days. Almost all people around the world will not find any difficulty to access internet. They can use internet connection from home or use their gadget. Nowadays, there are numerous kinds of gadget which allow their customers to get the connection. In addition, WiFi technology also spreads the internet more widely. It is available in many public places like schools, cafes, restaurants, lounges, airports, etc. Internet seems unlimited today, looking at how easy people can go for it.

Pros and Cons of Internet
It always comes to be complicated talking about internet and its things. There will be pros and cons. At one side, we all believe that internet does give us so many benefits, including the examples below:

- it is the source of unlimited information in every aspect of life, from health, architecture, politics, culture, social, economy, lifestyle, technology, and many others. Everyone can get the boundless info they need for any purpose, whether for elevating the knowledge, doing school papers, references to teach, etc.

- internet is the new way to have get entertainment. If years ago we can only watch music video from the television, CD/DVD player, and other portable video player; now we can just open YouTube and similar websites to watch video or listen to songs. Even films can be played there.

- Internet enables people to connect with others in wide range of area. The existence of internet does help people to build indirect communication with people all over the world. Numerous social media and chat features make it possible to start new relation with someone we do not know at all. Besides, we can also find very old friends whom we never met with for long time. In short, internet particularly through its social media has already created a new way of having communication which is really fun.

- Earning money can be done through internet. Whilst you can save some money by using internet for various purposes, here you can also earn money. Currently, many people are building online business. Some of them also apple online marketing, through which they can sell their products to broad range of customers. There are also people who gain money by following certain sites which intend to give chances employing people online.

- Make information spread easily. Do you have an event which needs to be published to many people? By using internet, such thing will be effortless. You can blast the information through social media, email, and other messenger facilities available through internet connection.

On the other hands, cons on internet usage have been clearly recognized as well. They are quite various, depending on how addicted someone to internet. The followings are only some cons of internet:

★ Not all information you find through the internet can be consider valid. The fact is that everyone can write everything on many websites. It is possible that they fake the fact or write all lies. Of course, there are the ones which are trustworthy, but the number of fake information is also quite high.

★ Internet cause addiction. The exciting experiences using internet can turn someone to be addictive. They use most of the time surfing in the internet; ignoring other more important matters.

★ Some people do crime through internet. The innocent and careless users tend to be their victims.

★ Some internet users happens to be less extrovert or more introvert. Their sense of mingling with society decreases as they are fond more on ‘cyber’ communication.

Looking at the pro and cons of internet usage, it is best for us to be wise in it. Try to balance your social life, being careful in communicating or having transaction, do not trust every piece of information through internet blindly, and managing the time used for internet are some example of wise ways on internet usage.

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