Be Wise in Using the Technology and You Can Get the Benefits of It

Do you think that our life today is made easier? Definitely most people around the world think the same thinking about that. Nowadays, we live in a world that everything is made easier by the advanced technology. With that advanced technology which must never stop and is always developed further, surely all human beings will be able to do many things with easy and simple ways. We should admit that without advanced technology, what our life will be? We can’t imagine that without it we must take hard labor with long hours and totally will make us feel more tired to do our task we should finish.

So, there are some useful benefits we can take from the technology, such as:
• Life becomes much easier. Imagine with the technology in doing many things, we just press some buttons that then will help us to finish the tasks we have. it can do many tasks that human beings can’t do with quick, simple, and even perfectly.

• By using one or some tools of advanced technology, you surely can save more your time and money. Sure that thing is a thing that everyone needs in their bustle. Time and money are two important things for those who are very busy in their life, that’s why technology takes important role in human beings life.

Beside the advantages we may get, another thing which is the disadvantages of technology that we may get, such as:
• It makes less the value of human workers. Actually it can harm and loose your livelihood and others’ job. With an advanced technology, seems that your energy will be no longer needed. That’s why the use of technology is expected can be used wisely.

• Another is it requires your ability to use the automatic machine with correct use. It surely can do multitask for you, but you are also expected to know how to use the machine with complex ways.

Those are some advantages and disadvantages of advanced technology you that you should realize when you use it. But, regardless of all those things, most people will prefer to take the positive thing in using the technology in this modern time, therefore the technology will always be developed further from time to time. Yet, there are more products of technology created to fill the need of humans’ life.

You may already know, and even also use some products as the result of the advanced technology. There are various numbers of technology results that are created to make the humans’ activities easier to do. But, to get the products is actually not very easy to get since surely you have to pay some costs to get them. It can considerably that to get the result of technology is sometimes as not cheap as we expect. There are some products that require you to pay with expensive costs.

For you to realize that condition sometimes may result in crimes such as theft. You should be careful in brining your laptop or others gadget that you have to avoid you from theft. To avoid you from theft, there are some useful tips that you can use, such as:

Secure your laptop or other gadgets using password
You can set the password easily using the security setting and the password can be used as long as possible by making it with numbers or upper case letters.

Encrypt your hard drive
If you have lots of private data on your folder, files, or partition that contain very sensitive information, so it’s better for you to encrypt your hard drive with highly secure encrypted method that only you or someone else who know the password that will be able to get the access on it.

• Be aware all the time. It’s a simple thing to do, but it’s not a very easy thing that all of you can do. Remember not to leave your laptop or others gadget in any place particularly in the crowded public place, even if you only want to buy a cup of coffee or go to the toilet.

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