Straight Edge Life

Straight edge is the subculture of the subculture. The term “straight edge” is taken from the title of the hardcore punk band, the Minor Threat. It is the sub genre of Hardcore punk whose supporter or adherents are rejecting alcohol, tobacco and other recreational drugs. They also not engaging in promiscuous sex do not eat meat and do the vegetarian diet and not using caffeine or medicine from prescription. It was the reaction to the common excess and hedonism which associated with the punk rock movement. The Straight edge is the most committed subculture which claims as a life time commitment not to do the hedonistic and other things mentioned before.

The movement started in the mid of 80s in the Hardcore punk scene. Then the lifestyle develops into wide variety of belief and way which incorporated to the movement.suh as animal rights, Christianity, vegetarianism and many other perspectives that build the mentality of positive human being. How far the interpretation of the straight edge have been considerable as long the main identity of abstaining the intoxicants, alcohol, nicotine and drugs are still undergone. In terms of lifestyles, people who life in the way of straight edge usually live in peace and clean. Some people always relate the hardcore to the violence and dirt but the straight edge is the opposite of that although they listen to the same genre of music.

Some people treated the straight edge people as the gangster but the study says that the majority of people who identify as the straight edge are nonviolent. However their correlation with the subversive music and performance seems largely has been in the negative image in most people’s perception. In other hand, to whom knows the essential value of the Hardcore punk Straight Edge, will praise them for their commitment to the positive social change. The ideology and the dogmatic belief of the straight edge draw more sympathy and gain more and more follower today.

Straight edge people use the same cloth and style like the other hardcore punk. They wear sneaker, use the trucker or bandana, T shirt and jeans. They put tattoo on their skin but there is one distinctive symbol they use to differentiate their appearance with other hardcore punk. Most of the straight edge people use the X symbol to represent their ideology. They usually make the tattoo of the X in the back of their hands or might be display in other body parts. The X symbolizes their ideology and as a sign to people not to serve them with alcohol, meat and any other diet whenever in the public space.

The tattoo is also become their commitment to be a straight edge for their life time. They will have the ideology as the lifestyle to have better and positive environment among society. The straight edge is usually a tough people they are well known with their strong commitment and dedication. The path they choose is against the mainstream current and it is uneasy to live differently today. The straight edge people love the peace and try to live harmoniously in the positive way. They break the assumption of the general prejudice of the bad boy and build new conception of the alternative way to live.

The number of the straight edge follower is increasing time to time and people start to recognize them not as a criminal. The straight edge is a positive lifestyle where you respect other people, your environment and also respect yourself by doing the positive live and habit. Live your life as a straight edge and try to be better person with full of respect.

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