The Other Sides of Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Is Not Always Bad for Life
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a harmful compound for one’s life and health. There are many dangerous effects from carbon dioxide. It can destroy organism’s life gradually and indirectly due to its danger. The amount of carbon dioxide in the earth is always increasing year by year. The obvious effect is global warming. This phenomenon happens due to the amount of carbon dioxide. Then, another dangerous effect is air pollution. The air pollution is caused by carbon dioxide from lots of vehicles used in the world. It will make the dirty air so that it is so dangerous for people’s health when they are breathing it. In addition, it can melt the eternal ice in the pole so that it will threaten the life of humans.

Lots of people may assume that carbon dioxide is really harmful for health and life. Actually, that assumption is not fully right and true. If the carbon dioxide is explored rightly, it can give many benefits for organism’s life. The carbon dioxide benefits give many helps to the humans, plants, and animals to live. Due to the large amount of carbon dioxide, lots of experts have an idea to change the harmful substances being beneficial substances. It is successful because it can be explored being alternative energy sources. There is a formula that can change CO2 to be electrical energy which is useful for human. Those efforts are proven that the carbon dioxide is not always harmful for organism’s health and life.

Carbon dioxide also Offers Its Benefits
Besides carbon dioxide has many dangerous effects, it actually offers various beneficial effects for organism on the earth. It is useful for plants. The carbon dioxide can help the process of plants’ photosynthesis. It is being an open secret that CO2 takes an important role for processing photosynthesis that is really needed by all organisms. The photosynthesis process needs water and CO2 to produce carbohydrate that is used for the nutrition of plants. In addition, the carbon dioxide is really helpful and useful for humans’ life though it is harmful too. Then, the carbon dioxide can be changed into electrical energy in which the people can get its benefits for life.

CO2 can be used in food and beverage industry. The carbon dioxide benefits have big important roles because the food and beverage are eaten by humans to continue their life. It is beneficial for the process of making bread. The carbon dioxide has a function to be baking with a help of yeast. When the bread is mixed with baking soda or yeast and is heated, then CO2 will be free and it will be caught by gluten from flour. That process makes the bread and cake fluffy. Besides that, without helping CO2, there is no ice cream anymore. It is because solid CO2 can be used to freeze ice cream. It is useful for making soft drink. The people who are drinking soft drink definitely open the soft drink. There are appeared gases when the drink is opened. Those gases from the soft drink are CO2 which breaks loose.

CO2 is also useful for fire extinguishing. The carbon dioxide helps the process of fire extinguishing because CO2 is sprayed through the pipes to the fire. CO2 will envelop flames and fire immediately so that the fire will not contact the oxygen. It will make the burn stopped. Due to stopped burn, fire is extinguished soon. Then, CO2 can be changed to be liquid fuel. Microbes help the process of CO2 change to be liquid fuel. The fuel can be used for cars and any machine. Those are some CO2 benefits to the humans and plants’ life. It proves that CO2 is not always bad for them.

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