The rumors and Anticipation for iPhone 5S

Using smartphone has become something very common because there are a lot more people who want to try to gain more benefits in using the latest technology in mobile devices such as the smartphones. There are a lot of manufacturers that will push their smartphones into the market and some of them are ready to get hype from a lot of people who do love to follow the development of technology in mobile phones. Amongst a lot of smartphones that will be released and get enthusiasm from a lot of people, iPhone 5S is known to be one of the smartphones being offered.

iPhone 5S has not yet being released and yet some of iPhone’s enthusiasts are getting ready to welcome this new addition in iPhone 5 series. Many people wonder about how well this latest iPhone will work and is there a new upgrade or new features included in this new iPhone? There are a lot of questions popping inside of the heads of a lot of people and the official answer will not coming out very soon because there will still a need to wait. Right now this new iPhone is still in development process.

There are a lot of people who patiently wait for the release although some people are just being curious or they are the tech critics who will provide useful reviews for a lot of people who wish to buy the latest version of iPhone. Some people are maybe the ones who wish to buy iPhone 5 and actually have enough to buy one but since the news of iPhone 5S will come out soon, these people hold back their wish and decided to wait until the new iPhone comes. Whatever the reason, it is always a fun thing to be able to check on the features and even compare them to the other smartphones simply to find the best deal.

While the release of the new iPhone 5S will come in several more days, the rumors about what will the iPhone looks like and just what features will be included floating around the internet and invite more people to take a look closer. There is a rumor that says about iPhone 5S will be the smartphone with the fastest interface. There is also a rumor saying that the new iPhone 5S will be released in a nontraditional pattern of iPhone. The rumor stated that iPhone 5S will come in grey color with the black trim.

The most intriguing rumor is of course regarding the release date of iPhone 5S. According to the rumor, the new iPhone will be released in September or maybe October because the previous iPhones are released within those months. Some people do believe that the rumor is true and luckily, the rumor came true because Apple has officially announced that the iPhone 5S will be unveiled in September 10th. Now that the official date has been announced, what can be done is to wait and also continue speculating.

Amongst the speculation, the popular speculation is that the new iPhone 5S will feature 128GB option following the option of 128GB iPad. Now let’s just wait and see what will be unveiled in the upcoming September. Will the new iPhone 5S fulfill the expectation from a lot of people who are waiting for its coming or will it come to the point of disappointment. For the people who feel enthusiast of the release of the new iPhone 5S, the wait will be worthwhile especially because there is no need to wait for too long of time. It will be interesting to see what will be available.

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