Business in Food Industry

"If anyone want to do business and still wonder in what industry should he jump in to, I will suggest food industry. Why? Because food industry simply will never die. As long as you serve good food, with good value, strategic place, your place will definitely be a success."

Food is one of the things people will always need. No matter how long, how high technologies are, food will always be needed. At least until some scientist found something to fill human body’s need of nutrients without getting it from food. This is one of the reasons why food industry is a great choice. There are many things you can do for business in food industry.

For example, if you don’t want to open a restaurant and you have enough money to build something quite big, you can make a instant food factory where they will make a certain kind of food in an instant can. As you know already, people nowadays getting lazier and lazier each day. They need instant things, from instant photos, instant noodle, instant milk, instant bread, instant coffee, everything has to be instant. Aside from people’s trait that gets lazier, they are also now living a busy life.

People used to have a table full of home made cooking food, but now, as people have their own activity, it gets difficult to do so. Children have to study, they have homework, they have papers so they have to go to library, they have to go to school earlier because they have basket ball practice or cheerleading practice or they just simply go to some dining restaurant with their friends, and that means two things, which are; home made cooking is no longer a common thing, and outside food will always be a good choice for people.

One proof that can show you how food can always be a good business is just how much mini market now serve food inside their store. It’s not only about necessities or house groceries, but also about eating while chatting, catching up with friends at night or weekend.

So, now I’m going to give you tips if you seriously want to do business in food industry. First you have to decide what kind of business you want to have. Is it restaurant, or fast food, or can food, or food store or food stall or food distributor.

If you choose food distributor, you have to calculate things right. Like how will the food be transported to the place that order. If you distribute seafood, you have to make sure that the creatures still fresh when they arrive at the destination.

If you choose fast food, you can think of doing franchise with famous fast food because to open a new place, you need more than just courage and vision. Challenging big fast food places is not impossible, if you have incredible food with lower price than theirs, but you still have to think that if you keep the profit as low as possible, it could lead you to deficit.

If you choose food store, the one that you need to know the most is what kind of food that the people surround your store like to eat because it will be the one that they buy a lot. Aside from the food, if you also sell some tools that go along with the food that you sell, it’d be good. For example, if you sell vegetables, if you also sell simple knife or something like carrot cutter, it’d be nicer.

For restaurant, it’d be more complicated because you need more than just a research. You need to have a strategic place where you want it built because aside from the quality of the food, your place is really important. Some people that at first don’t intent to eat at your place will probably eat at your place just because your restaurant is just across the train station.

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