Exercises for the Healthier Eyes

"Everyone wish to have their eyes stay as healthy as possible. There are a lot of parts of the body that will need to be kept in healthy state and one of them is the eyes. It is important to keep the vision of eyes in good condition but there will be time when eyes feel tired and gradually lose its ability. This happens to a lot of people and many people choose to wear glasses or maybe using the contact lenses in order to see clearer. But there are actually eye exercises that will be useful in helping eyes to stay in the healthy condition."

According to the experts, there are approximately 280 eye exercises. But these eye exercises are not always effective depending on every individual condition. But still, there is nothing wrong with trying the eye exercises such as the following exercises:

Reading newspaper. This is an easy thing to be done every day because there is no doubt that a lot of people do care about reading newspaper every day. When working in front of the computer for long time, there is no doubt that the eyes will get tired. Try to take a break and put a newspaper for about 2,5 meter from the seating position. Try to look and read the newspaper and then look at the computer’s monitor. This must be done for approximately 30 seconds for about 6 times in one hour. This exercise will help to prevent blur vision during working (in fornt of the computer of course).

Following the spotlights. This one exercise is fun and a partner and two flashlights are needed in this exercise and the exercise will be done inside of a dark room. Stand in a dark room and facing the wall then ask the partner to turn the flashlight on and move the light on the wall with the movement of a wave. Try to make circles and follow the wave with the other flashlight and try to do it while also balancing book on the head. By doing this, moving is not possible and the only way to follow up is by using eyes only.

Throwing balls on walls. Stand for about 1,5 meter from an empty wall. Ask someone to throw a tennis ball n the wall. When the ball rebounds, try to catch it. This is a useful exercise to help the coordination between hands and also eyes.

Stringing beads. This exercise will need a thread for about 180 cm and colorful beads. First, string three beads in three different colors into the thread and then tie one tip of the thread on the wall in the similar height with the eyes. The other tip of the thread will be held in front of the nose. Move one of the beads to the wall and put the second bead on the distance of 120 cm from the nose while the third one will be 40 cm away from nose. Direct eye vision towards the farthest bead and there will be two thread forming V with bead as the center. Move eye vision to the middle bead and see an X is formed with bead as the center. Move the eye vision again to the closest bead and see the similar X. Move the eye vision from one bead to the other bead faster again and again and don’t forget to pay attention to the V and X. This one exercise is useful in training the eye focus and train the brain to use both eyes at the similar time.

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