Good Foods Teeth Health

Healthy teeth bring joy to anyone and the comfort from having the healthy teeth is one of a kind. Certainly, everyone has been told about taking care of their teeth since their childhood and being told that brushing teeth twice a day is something enough. But actually, the prevention to destruction in the teeth can be done better. It is not only about brushing teeth regularly but it is also about the daily diets. Foods those are consumed every day will definitely affect the health of teeth and the overall oral health and it is better to know and check once again the foods those will be good for teeth and the foods those are not good for teeth.

When talking about the health of teeth, it is not enough to just talking about the teeth alone because it will be incomplete without discussing about the overall oral health. In order to keep teeth in good condition and healthy, the overall oral health must be maintained in the good condition. There are changes happen in mouth in every minute when a particular food has been eaten. In order to prevent cavities and all other problems in teeth and in the mouth, the first step will be checking on the foods eaten and just how often the eating time.

When a food has entered mouth and then eaten, there will be bacteria that will start to convert sugars of the food into acids. These acids will be the ones that will start to attack the enamel of teeth and then process of decaying will be started. When foods like snacks or meals are eaten more often, the teeth are exposed more often into the cycle of teeth decay. Therefore it is important to know the right time to eat and be smarter in choosing the good foods.

The best choices of foods for the healthier mouth and teeth are the foods those provide the needed calcium as well as phosphorus, the two things needed in order to naturally depositing minerals that have been removed by acids in the enamel of teeth. Cheeses, chicken, meats, nuts as well as milk are good choice to be consumed. The other options for the good and healthy foods for the health of teeth will be the crunchy and firm fruits such as apples or also pears. The various vegetables such as broccoli will be good too. These are the food with high water content and will dilute the sugar effects as well as stimulating the flow of saliva inside of the mouth.

What about the acidic foods? Is it okay to consume them? Yes, it is okay to consume acidic foods such as tomatoes, lemons or the citrus fruits. But remember that they need to be a part of the larger meal in order to minimize the acidity of the foods. Now what about drinks? Well, the best drinks will be fresh water with no flavor, unsweetened tea as well as milk. It is recommended to limit drinks with sugar, soft drinks, coffee and tea that are mixed with sugar and also limiting lemonade.

Now what about the bad foods? For the bad foods, there will be foods with high sugar such as cakes, muffins, candies, French fries, bananas, pretzels, French fries, potato chips, raisins, dried foods, cookies, raisins and breads. Remember that sugar is the fuel needed by bacteria to destroy teeth so be careful in taking these foods. Sweet foods will continue to coat teeth with sugar and fuel bacteria to be more active. It will be good to brush teeth after eating such sweet foods.

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