High-end Homes of America

If you think your house is a challenge to maintain and put you through a lot in investment, look at the country’s top five most expensive houses of 2013. A regular house would have rooms for resting, a kitchen, bathrooms and a yard, living rooms and a garage which also at times, function as extra storage room. These luxurious homes have twice the amount of all the living spaces mentioned, are located in some of the most luxurious locations and most of all an inspirations. High-end home number 1 is located at the heart of Greenwich. 

When it comes to places like Greenwich, the heart of it is the by the lake and amidst the luscious green forest hugging the mansion, its swimming pool and vast yard, overlooking the deep blue lake on all sides. Recorded to cost $140 million for the entire package this is one of the most luxurious homes in the country. The exact location and address of the house however is kept discreet for security and personal reasons. Owned by the family of Lauder Greenway, the home embeds 12 bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms, an outdoor swimming pool and the lake on its far end. During the first years of its establishment, the home cost a staggering $ 190 million and even with the reduction of the price you see today, it is still one of the most expensive and luxurious homes from all around.

The next on the list of most luxurious homes in the country is Legendary Mansion situated on the hills of Beverly. Its luxurious entrance and a backyard overlooking a vast and almost endless garden ending with a pool, completed with a terra cotta exterior costs $ 115million. Lucky for those of you looking to rent luxurious homes instead of owning the lot, the house is up for rent at $ 600 per month. This way, you get to enjoy its rich Italian glamour both inside and outside without the extra expenses of maintenance. As a consequence of its high-end location, the house has often hosted for the making of many movies. The Godfather is only one to start with. The Bodyguard is also another movie hosted in these luxurious homes. John and Jackie Kennedy even spent their honeymoon here. At the size of 3.7 acres, the house holds its own passage overlooking the vast garden.

Last but not least an uptown peek of luxurious homes in New York. The typical sky line view you mostly see in movies is what you can enjoy here. Located at the postal code of 10022, you can easily figure the strategic location of the condo with its glamorous view of the city on a daily basis. Embedded with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, the condo of 9000 square feet will amaze you in its interior design from room to room. Looking for luxurious homes in New York may not be hard to find as certain areas of this large city hosts the world’s most stunning properties. However this, out of the many luxurious homes is one of a kind. The ceiling windows go two stories at a time giving you a full sense of comfort like no other. It hosts a reception room, a home office built to suit your needs. It also has two separate pantries for meal preparing and serving. And it even has dressing rooms built in for you! Costing $ 115 million for the lot and an estimate mortgage of $ 436.00 per month, this may just the house of your dream. From any room you see, this house is truly New York’s best.

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