Top 7 SEO Article Writing Tips 2020

If you are looking for the easiest way to generate traffics, you will need to consider writing SEO articles for your website. Basically, a SEO article is written for both search engines and human. It should not only be easy to be read and to be understood by human but also be easy to be indexed by search engines. In other words, a SEO article is an optimized article for human. However, even though SEO articles are effective to deliver visitors, not many bloggers or website owners know how to do writing SEO articles. Thus, the following top 7 SEO article writing tips should be really useful.

1. Write a useful content
The content of a SEO article determines people’s willingness to visit a website repeatedly. When people figure out that the content of an article that they read is useful, they potentially will return to the site again in the future with a hope that they can read another useful article. To be able writing SEO articles with useful content, writers can consider writing a topic that is relevant with current situation but still in relation with the website where the article is going to be posted. Conducting a research on relevant topics is somehow necessary as it will enrich writers’ knowledge.

2. Write a readable content
Your SEO article probably has a useful content but if it is not easy to read, your article is useless. You must do the writing SEO articles with easy to understand words and correct grammar so that your readers can easily understand your message.

3. Use engaging title
The title of a SEO article is the first thing that will be read by readers. To make readers keep reading the rest of the article, in writing SEO articles you have to use engaging title. You need to consider placing keywords in you title to give your readers an idea about things they will find the article. Do not make a too long title as it will make your readers less interested.

4. Write a good length of SEO article
Even though there is not any rule about the length of a SEO article, it is important for you to writing SEO articles in a good length. In this case, 400 words is usually the minimum length of a SEO article because writing less than 400 words will not give you an opportunity to provide sufficient information about your topic. However, you should avoid writing a too long article because such article will only make your readers confused. The best article length is more than 400 words but less than 650 words.

5. Choose and use keywords appropriately
In writing SEO articles, keywords play a crucial role. However, you are not recommended to use too long keywords or to use keywords excessively because this will not bring any benefit to your article. To optimize your article, you must use the right keyword density. Usually, keyword density for an article is 1% to 2 % while other articles might require 2% to 3%. You are recommended to spread keywords equally in your article to make your article look normal.

6. Use images
Images can catch readers’ attention more easily compared to a plain writing SEO articles. If you place images in your article, you will make your readers become more interested in reading your article. In this case, you need to use relevant image that is optimized. Give your image a proper name and try to choose image of which the size is not too big. If your image is too big, your image will bring bad effect to SEO because your image requires a long load time.

7. Do proofreading
You have to proof read your SEO article to make sure that you do not misspell words and writing SEO articles in wrong grammar because misspelling and wrong grammar reduce the quality of an article.

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