Getting Started to Play Golf

Golf is considered as a luxurious sport or game. It is because golf is usually played by the haves and this game is very rewarding. However, golf can also be played by most of people as long as they have the right preparation and the course. Whether you rich or not, you could play golf and the very first step you need to do is to find the equipments to play golf. Most beginners do their biggest mistake in this first step, that is to rush and buying a brand new set of shinny and expensive golf clubs. It is not completely wrong but it would be nice if you take golf clubs that suits your need. 

You have to know that you can choose great varieties golf clubs to provide different golfing types and abilities. Because you are beginner and you only want to learn how to play golf, you don’t need a brand new set of expensive gold equipments. You can just buy five irons, two woods, and a putter. Those clubs are enough for you and you don’t spend thousand bucks on it. If you don’t buy it, you have better choice that is hiring the clubs from the driving range. Most driving ranges have clubs for hire. It is much cheaper because you only use it for practice only. The clubs you hire can be from the shortest to the longest, and wedges. The club you choose should give you the feeling of hitting the ball in the air. It should be straight forward.

If you insist to buy your own clubs, you don’t need to be confused of where to get the clubs. You can get golf club from most driving ranges. You can also buy them from Pro Sport Shops. If you prefer second hand clubs, you’d better go to a driving range and ask if they have second hand clubs. You will get advantages if you buy gold clubs from a driving range because you will usually offered chance to try their driving range for free to test the clubs you want to buy. Use this opportunity to get you the most suitable golf club and buy only the fittest golf club. To know which the fittest golf club is, you can try reading other articles about it. Never comes to your mind to buy expensive clubs in this stage, unless you have become a pro golfer.

Next step to start playing the golf, you need training. You can't just hit the ball and play as you like because you need to know the rules, the scoring, and all things about playing golf. You can't just use the golf course with other players that have been in the pro stage. You will just make them angry at you. You’d better take golf lesson five or six times and learn the fundamentals. When you think that you are already good at the lesson, you can try to progress to a 9 hole course. Learning golf step by step will surely make you happy and you will enjoy it even more. To get a great golf lesson, you can sign up to a driving range or you can also find a golf club to get basic lesson of the game. You can also get free lesson by watching the pro playing golf. You can imitate their style and if you can get a good chance, you can ask directly from the about tips and tricks to play golf and then you practice it. When you think you have mastered the golf, you may try to sign up for a golf tournament to test your golfing skills.

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