Trends of Technology of the Year and Forecasting the Future

In contrast to business trends, that are usually seamless through changes of years, the technology trends evolve most rapidly during several periods of the year. The start of the year is usually when technology companies thrive to present better and newer inventions to the market in response of the new and more spirited energy. Look into some of the most popular trends of this year and see what the near and foreseeable future holds for them. 

Number one on the list of technology trends is the fusion of the physical technology with the internet. The start of 2012 had opened the gateway of smart phones with the ability to encompass everything you need. Check the weather forecast or make way around town with the help of your phone. Shop online for a new apparel and do so while being on the road! With everything supported by the internet and accessible on the go, many have felt their daily routines more assisted. Starting from the GPS to lifestyle applications installed on your smart phones, there is absolutely nothing you can’t find on the internet. These technology trends have influenced the face of online marketing for business worldwide.

Thanks to the internet also, not only has marketing trends been highly affected, off-shoring has evolved into a new form. The technology trends of interconnectivity, barrier by-passing and mobility has forced more job varieties to open up of course requesting for more workforces but ones with specific skills. Most companies in the past have headed to the East for cheaper labor and attempt to meet ends especially in production. However the urgency of this has decreased. As a respond to these technology trends and as a replacement of this, companies are required to thrive and compete in the market with more specific skills. For this reason, the term of redistribution of labors has taken into force. These technology trends however are most relevant for large scale companies or transnational corporation business lines. One recent development in technology trends is the evolvement of the television. Despite the many cable providers that are out there, one inevitable wave of technology trends is the transformation of TVs into computed applications. Netflix and SnagFilms have already started the trend. Series are packaged into applications, downloadable online. This allows you to select the shows you want to see and view with full mobility. Your TV-viewing experience is also accessible on your smart phones hence evolving the shape of TV today.

One of the most obvious technology trends is the expansion of social networking through social media connecting individuals worldwide. These technology trends have developed very rapidly ever since its first entrance into the field. Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and MySpace are only some of the most trending networking hubs of the era. This has evidently brought birth to the many other social networks out there, most of which specific their markets based on the features it carries with it. Instagram for instance was initially aimed at users with fondness to photography. Spotify on the other hand was preserved for those with likeness of Theatre and Vimeo for those who compile their personal creations of videos. The more these social networks narrow down the more one feels a sense of belonging to it. All of the aforementioned technology trends are forecasted to continue way into the year 2014 and upgrade as the months pass by. The tight competition between developers, business lines and companies of technological productions will leave the market an array of choices to choose from. However this also leaves one great challenge as well which is the constant difficulty of being over-dependant on technology.

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