Being Safe Teen Driver

Transportation support in this modern age becomes really great need. People will not be satisfied by using the public transportation. Many of them think that personal car becomes the best support for their transportation need. The first reason is associated with ability for them to arrange and manage their time better by driving their very own car. They can save more time if they drive their very own car because they can take the short cut or do something else according to their necessity. The second reason is associated with the pride because many people will get ashamed if they do not drive their very own car to any place they go. 

Personal car is not only the dream for many adults. There are also many teenagers who have very huge dream about driving their very own car. Personal car becomes the dream of many teenagers for welcoming their adult age. Reaching adult age will mean that they will get the driving license but it will be meaningless if they cannot drive their very own car. Nowadays, there are many parents who give car even though it is a used car for their children when they reach the adult age.

The first car at the teen age must be kind of unforgettable moment for many people. However, it is sure that being teen driver can be risky as well. Many teen drivers are too excited with their driving license and their first car so they will try to drive more and more. They even will challenge their selves to make better progress in their driving. However, there are many teen drivers who forget about the safety while they try to drive their car without the parents who are looking over their shoulder. Teen driver should understand that the road can be very dangerous place with many accident cases occur over and over again. One thing which they have to realize as well is the fact that there are many teen drivers who are caught in the accident. They can be dead in this circumstance but as long they do the safety steps properly, the worst risk can be avoided. Safety should be made as priority for every new teen driver and there are some keys of driving which will keep them happy and safe on the road.

Many teens love to hear their favorite music including when they are driving. Usually they will turn on the music to the highest volume in their room but they absolutely must not do this when they are driving on the road. It is okay for listening to the music but they have to crank down the volume. Listening to the music in the highest volume can distract their concentration and they will not be able to hear emergency vehicle so they will not be able to make proper response. In some areas, listening to super loud music can give them traffic ticket. Many accidents with dying passenger are mostly caused by the lack of seat belt use. New teen driver have to make sure that they snap the safety belt anytime they are in the car including when they are behind the steering wheel. New teen driver also has to make sure that the seat belt is clicked properly for ensuring their safety while driving. Distraction while driving nowadays becomes one of the biggest reasons of accident on the road. The distraction can come from anything including the use of cellphone. Many teens are texting while driving and surely their focus for driving will be distracted so it is important for teen driver to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. Teen driver also has to remember that they must not drive in drowsy condition. Please do not die young.

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