Four Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Internet

There is at least one gadget, computer or laptop for every person living in the world. By using their gadgets, they are connected with one another through an extremely massive system called the internet. The influence given by the internet to their life has been so overarching that internet has become a very important part of their lifestyle. Their social activities are now mostly involve internet, they use internet to carry out commercial activities, internet provides them with entertainment, they can study and earn degree easily by relying on internet, and two people living in different parts of the world may meet and live up a romantic life because of internet. Practically, without internet, very few people who can enjoy their life comfortably, conveniently and pleasurably.

Internet indeed brings many amazing changes to people; however, internet usage is not necessarily advantageous. There are also some internet disadvantages that you have to deal with if you stare your computer screen all the time to keep yourself online. You may need to know both the advantages and the disadvantages of using internet before deciding to install internet connection at your home.

The advantages that you can reap from your intensive usage of internet are many. Some of them have been expressed in the previous paragraphs. To make it easier for you to understand all possible advantages of using internet, I give you a list of them.

1. Internet gives you a very versatile means to communicate with your acquaintances. By using communication technology powered up by internet, you can enjoy fast, cheap and efficient communicational activities with all people whom you know. The fastness, cheapness and efficiency of such technology is continuously improved as time goes by. You can expect that after very few years, long-distance communication will no more be an expensive and trouble-laden matter.

2. Internet makes your life much more pleasant. You can list all entertaining things that internet has given to you, ranging from games, social media, dating communities, and many other things that make it unnecessary for you to visit a cinema or other entertainment venues just to make yourself entertained.

3. Internet makes you smarter. Online storehouse for information is unlimited. Journals, academic essays, dictionary lexicons, and encyclopedia contents are now items that are available not only at libraries and bookstores. You can retrieve all of them from the internet.

4. Internet makes it easier to earn money. By using internet, you don’t need to have a degree in order to be a new millionaire.

Those are all the advantages of using internet. If you also want to know the other side of the story, you should take a look at the following list of internet disadvantages.
1. Online social media indeed make it easier for you to communicate with others. However, those media may also crisis in your social and family ties and deliver the first internet disadvantages on the list. As you become more engrossed in the virtual world, you will be more reluctant to meet your family, friends and colleagues physically.
2. There are indeed a lot of entertainments that internet can provide, but not all of those entertainments are appropriate, especially for your children as they may be affected with the following internet disadvantages. Remember that even the strongest family filter and parental control application is still not proven effective to block pornographic contents.
3. Internet is indeed an unlimited source of information. However, while it may be an advantage, it by chance has diminishes people’s reading habit. Why should I read a thick and dusty compendium if I can find a topic I am looking for with a couple of clicks. The laziness that it brings makes it one of internet disadvantages
4. Internet is indeed a great means to earn money, but it is also a risky pit that may swallow your money and other important personal data as one of internet disadvantages. If you do internet banking, there is always a risk that your financial data will be stolen by malicious people. Therefore, be very cautious when you deal with your personal data by using internet.

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