How to Write a Good SEO Article

These days, SEO article for business has been being used largely among business owners as an online marketing tool. Compared to traditional marketing tool, SEO articles are a good alternative. SEO articles are an inexpensive yet effective online marketing tool. They can help building customers’ trust and can become a good source of certain information. SEO articles are powerful to increase traffics and to keep customers loyal to a site only in one condition; they have good quality. In fact, writing good SEO articles can be challenging and lots of writers would like to know how to write good SEO articles.

To write a good SEO article for business, there are 4 things to focus on. They are:

1. A good title
A good title has a real power because a good title will easily attract people to read your SEO article for business. Principally, a good title should be attractive to readers and should be good to search engines. A good title uses interesting yet unique words and describes the content of the article. When people read the title, they should have got a picture of information that they can expect from the article. Main keyword should be placed in the title because it helps search engines to find an article more easily. What should a writer of SEO article for business keeps in mind is to make a short title, catchy, and engaging.

2. Subheadings
A good SEO article for business should have subheadings because subheadings are not only a part of SEO but also an effective effort to help readers understand the content of an article more easily. Reading a long text might make readers bored and difficult to understand the content. When readers should choose which article to read, they will prefer to read articles that are divided into portions. Placing keywords in subheadings enables search engines to easily identify texts that are more important than the others.

3. Content
An SEO article for business has an interesting yet informative content. The content should be related to the website where the article is posted. The length of a good SEO article is usually between 400 words to 650 words. Do not write a too long article because such article will make readers lost their interest. Writing a too short article will not do any good because it cannot give sufficient information to readers. The content should be well written so that readers can follow the flow of sentences in each paragraph easily. The content should also be up to date so that readers can take benefits from the article.

Incorporating keywords with the subject matter appropriately is highly required because it is the key feature of a good SEO article for business. Keyword density should be carefully considered because placing too many keywords in an article will give bad impacts to the article. Usually, the required keyword density in an article is 1 to 2 percent but it is a subject to change. It is important for writers to keep checking the expected keyword density to make sure that they give the right number of keyword in an article.

4. Proofread
A good SEO article for business should be free from grammatical mistakes because a grammatical mistake can possibly change the meaning of a sentence. For example, a different tense simply means a different time when an action is performed. A grammatical mistake also shows that the writer is incompetent in which this can influence readers’ opinion about the article, the writer, and the site. The diction or choice of words should also become a subject to consider because writers sometime use inappropriate words to describe a thing. In most cases, writers can easily find out whether the words they choose are suitable with the message they want to deliver in their SEO article for business. (Jasa SEO)


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