Importance for Avoiding Early Pregnancy

People cannot deny that having a kid will be the biggest gift in their life if only they are ready for becoming parents. Raising kids will need a lot of effort and sacrifice. It means that people need to prepare enough money for raising the kids. Mental and physic should also be prepared for raising the children which can be long life duty. Raising kids must be great challenge but we should also realize that pregnancy will be the very first challenge which should be faced by a woman who will become a mother. It becomes nature for woman to pregnant but it does not mean that woman can get pregnant anytime. Pregnancy should be prepared and it has to come at the right time. 

Nevertheless, teen pregnancy is kind of phenomenon which still can be found in many places. There are many females who are pregnant under the age of 20 by the end of the pregnancy period. Teenage pregnancy basically will be great problem and challenge for the family. Teenager should realize that teenage pregnancy will not only be bad for the family but also for their selves. There are various problems which come to teenage pregnant mother because of early pregnancy.

Teenage should realize that early pregnancy is really bad idea. The first reason is associated with the health risk which can be found in mother as well as the baby. Pregnancy will always bring risk to mother and child even the normal pregnancy but pregnant teen will find huger risk of health problem including the anemia, hypertension, depressive disorder, still birth, and the low birth weight. There is also great risk for the baby who will suffer of difficulty in learning and respiratory problem. Getting pregnant will not be good for teenage who still wants to spend and enjoy their time for doing anything they want. By getting pregnant in the teen age, there is no question that they will lose their freedom because of the change in their body. The change in the belly must be the very first issue which can be seen easily through the pregnant teens. The change of body will also make the pregnant teen to make appointment with the doctor for checkup. The suffering can go further especially when pregnant teen does not want to give their baby for adoption. It means that after the baby born, they have to pay great attention for raising the baby and do any parenting stuff at their very young age.

Many pregnant teens have to be single parent although at the first time, the young couple expects the baby very much. The young age and the condition which is really change after the baby birth can easily affect the relationship between the couple. The great responsibility which should be held by the young parents is really hard and when the father left, there will only be single parent. Of course rising the baby will mean that there is one more mouth which has to be feed. It can lead to the financial difficulty moreover when the parents is very young without proper education, skill, or experience. There will be more and more money needed with the growth of the baby. Most pregnant teens are getting pregnant with teen partner so they will not be able to depend on their partner in financial aspect because their condition is still dependent as well. Being pregnant at the young age makes teens have to sacrifice their friendship moment. It is possible that they will lose friend because they do not have time to be with their young friends. Priority will also change from school and future pursue to the baby nursing.

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