Learning to Drive a Golf Ball

Golf is a rewarding sport. It is also considered as luxurious and expensive game. However, anybody has the same right to learn how to play this game. Playing golf is maybe confusing for some people but when you are able to hit the ball and drive it to the hole, you will feel the excitement and you will want to try more and more. If you are serious and you want to be able to play golf, you should have the right preparation and fundamental skills in golf. The first thing that you need to prepare is the equipments. You need to buy drivers or golf clubs and balls. You don’t need to buy the 7-9 degree drivers because your first training is about getting the ball up in the air on a good trajectory. For amateur like you, the 11.5 degree drivers will suit you. You will gain more consistency if you use more lofted driver.

The first thing you will need to learn is how to hit and drive a golf ball. After you get the right driver, you should start with the position. The best position to hit a golf ball is with your front food in line with the ball. By doing so, it will give more space during the set up. To get the best drive for the golf ball, you need to grip the driver well. It is recommended that you use the proper grip pressure. Never think that harder grip and swing will make your ball better. A harder grip and swing will only cause you to have incorrect trajectory and inconsistent distance. Therefore, proper grip is the best way to get the best drive. If the grips are scaled 1-10 then you have to grip the drive with 2-4 scale. The 2-4 scale will result in perfect release and focused trajectory. If you can't imagine how the grip is, just imagine that you holding a bird without crushing it but also net letting it go. Be patient with your position and practice the same position until you feel comfortable and get the best grip for the driver. Don’t be hurry just try to feel your grip and try to swing it and get the most comfortable hand position or driver number.

To get the best drive, you need to keep your driver stay flat along the ground for the first quarter of your swing. Stay flat because if you lift your club, you will pop the ball and you will not reach the distance you want. This needs more and more practice before you could do like a pro. Next thing is your leading hand position. Beginners will tend to flip the hand forward. This is absolutely wrong. If they think they can lift the ball in the air by flipping the hand, they will fail because it will eliminate the purpose of having good drive. Therefore, you need to keep the angle on your leading hand. The leading hand for most players is the left hand and it should be angled down during the downswing. If you couldn’t do it right, imagine that you hit the ball with the back of your left hand. If you flip your left hand, you will lose the contact with the ball and the ball will not lifted up as you wish. To practice the swing, you could try on the ground with the target straight in your front. Your arm should form a “V’ shape to produce longer distance. To finish the swing, you need to put the swing over your left shoulder. If you do it correctly, the ball will go straight into the hole.

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