4 Types of Pollution in Environment

Environment gives benefit for all people. Regarding all benefits that people can get from the environment, it is a fact environment can also be infected by pollution. The pollution itself is mostly done by human. There are four type of environment that can give bad impact to all people in the world. There are land pollution, water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution. Each of that pollution has their own character and it is of course can make people surrounded with this pollution get disadvantages. For that reason, we should not do something that can make this problems get worse. In fact, those pollutions can be found anywhere, especially in the big city.

First is land pollution. Land pollution happens when people throw away their garbage carelessly, or they throw away the garbage not in appropriate place. They consider that such activity is normal or simple too. However, can you imagine how much garbage will be collected if all people in your city do the same thing? It will make your city becomes badly polluted with land pollution. Of course, it will give bad impact too, for example people will find easier to get ailments, such as Diabetes and TBC. Those ailments are chronic type and can take the life of patient.

Second is water pollution. This type of pollution happens in many big cities, for example Jakarta. In this city, we will find out that the color of the river is not blue, but its color is black and sometimes brown. Why the colors change? It is obvious because people are carelessly throwing away their garbage in the river and not only one person do that, almost all people do such thing and they consider this habit is normal. How come hurting the environment is a normal habit? Maybe they are out of mind, but this is the fact happening in big city. When someone asks the culprit, why you throw away the garbage in the river? They will simply say that other people are doing that too, you know.

Third is air pollution. This pollution occurs majorly because of the existence of unfriendly environmental factory. Some factories do not have good quality of sanitation so that it gives disadvantages to all people. The activity of production in that factory sometimes gives potion to the air. Indeed, factory can also give pollution to the water too. They throw away the chemical substance in the water and pollute its quality. As a result, people easily get sick because of that.

Fourth is noise pollution. People who live in big city cannot run away from this problem. Every day, they have to bear with the fact that city is noisy, whether in the morning or at night. In the morning the amount of noise will increase greatly as many people go to work by using their car or motorcycle. At night, the noise does not perish as some people still do activity at night. It get worsen with the activities of motorcycle gang that gives nothing to people but suffer. Sometimes, they modify their motorcycle so that it has loud sound and disturb all people who rest at night. This is indeed very ironic but it happens in our country without solution yet.

Those all are the most crucial pollution that can happen in our life. Are there any ways that we can do to protect our life from such threat? The answer is yes! However, we have to start protecting the environment from ourselves first. Factory actually can also reduce the pollution they produce by recycling the chemical substance. It is not too late to protect our environment.

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