# CAD Persuades an Unprecedented Transformation in the Arena of Designing and Drafting

Use of paper pencil and ruler is no more in vogue instead computer screen, mouse and keyboard has become the choice of digital era

Moving form the era of using paper, pencil, ruler and compass for designing to the digital world, the arena of designing and drafting experienced and unprecedented transformation. Now, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) has been firmly ensconced in multitude of industries like Architecture, Manufacturing, Research and development, Medical etc. as the most vital technology.

Computer screen supplanted paper, mouse replaced pencil and drafting became devoid of the onerous use of ruler, compass and set-squares. Contrastingly, the drawings and designs made through CAD software are more precise and accurate than those made with help of rulers and compass.

Revelation of CAD put an end on the conventional ways of designing and gradually, the market got inundated with the companies offering drafting services aided with computer. The proliferation of these companies could flourish because of the rise in demand of the service.

Taking this increasing demand of these services into account, many companies like AutoDesk and MicroStation made CAD software accessible. The commerciality of Computer Aided Drafting can be estimated through escalation of market value as it was worth $5 billion approximately in the year 2009 which rose to $6.4 in 2010 and $7 billion in 2011.

Gleaned from the data reviewed recently, market value rose to $7.52 in 2012, $7.92 in 2013 and is expected to reach $9.72 billion by 2016. CAD acquired this potential to keep up by the dint of its versatile nature. A never ending array of benefits integrated with efficiency, feasibility, accuracy, and swiftness make it a must availed service.

Designing on paper was full of the risk of errors with repercussions which could prove to be very expensive later. Computer Aided Designing facilitates with the designing of replica which detects clashes and errors before the inception of real project, which streamlines the production or construction.

One of the most important reasons for which business owners lean on this technology is that it’s worth money. It costs reasonable even when it is outsourced to another company while getting utmost quality. Since, it is cost-effective it became popular among small entrepreneurs also as they leverage it and increased their profit margins.

Utility of CAD is not limited to mere designing and drafting, it has outstretched its applications to develop digital prototypes and conduct computer simulated stress tests. In future it is expected to spread its wings and understand the human intensions to comply with them. It will contribute to the inventions and developments, which will be a milestone for future.

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