Tips to Choose and Buy Second Hand Cars

When transportation becomes more crucial to take you to office on time, buying car is the top priority to do. With your own car, you can go to the office on time and don’t need to wait for public transportation. However, you still have many other priorities that need your attentions and budget. Therefore, you need to be wisely decided which one will be realize first.

As the best solution for it, you don’t need to buy a brand new car that surely very expensive and cost you the whole saving, instead, you should buy a second hand car. A branded second hand car is still cheaper than the cheapest new car. If you can choose the right second hand car, you will be satisfied enough as if you buy a new car. However, buying a second hand car is quite difficult because there are many options for you and worse, you can't see how the previous owner uses and treats the car. It means you can see the actual condition of the machine. Here some tips that you can use to choose and buy a second hand car. These tips might be useful for you, at least to help you in your considerations.

The first thing that you need to pay attention is the budget. Establish how much money you can afford to spend for the car. Don’t forget to include calculations for car registration, maintenance, insurance, running cost, and unexpected costs. Secondly, before you decide to buy a second hand car, please do a research. It is not a scientific research but a small research to get ideas and image of types and models of second hand cars out there. The research is important to get big picture of the market price tendency so that you will not pay too much than the actual price of the second hand car. You can do the research by looking at articles on the internet, newspaper, and advertisements. There are also various price guides and lists that you could obtain from several second hand car dealers. Thirdly, after you get info about the price, you should find the right car. You can browse cars on the internet or you can go window shopping toward several second hand car dealers and ask them the make, model, age, location and all info you need to help you deciding which car you would buy. Don’t be too hurry, use your time wisely. You have plenty of time to choose the most suitable car.

Fourthly, after you decide one or two cars as your options, contact the seller. You should ask important things like how long the user owns the car, the reason why are they selling it, the damage history, car’s bad habits, and the current condition. Fifth, don’t buy the car before you see the actual car the seller sells. It is better to go to the address of the car owner. Never meet the seller or the owner somewhere else. Check the address with the documents, and surely you have to check the physical condition of the car. Go through the exterior and the interior. Try all panels, seat belts, tires, open the machine cover and check for oil leak and other liquid leak, try the wheels and the pedals. Sixth, test drive the car. This is the most important step because you will drive this car after you buy it. If you find something is not right during the test drive, cancel the whole process and find another car. If you think that you can fix the problem without costing too much money, you can reconsider it again. If you feel fine with the car and the price is reasonable, pay it and bring the car home.

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