Dehydration during Exercise

Water holds a lot of important role for human body. It forms cells, manages body temperature, and excretes excess of body metabolism. Water is also a transportation media for nutrition and oxygen, and that’s not all. There are many other functions of water in our body.

When we are exercising or working out, our body loses more liquids through sweat and exhalation. Frequent and heavy breathing when we are exercising causes water to vaporize faster and more in quantity. That is why we need more water when we work out.

Bambang Djarwoto, a nephrologist of Sardjito Hospital, at the launching of “Hidrasi Sehat Saat Olahraga” in Ritz Carlton, Kuningan, February 25th, said that, “to avoid dehydration, our body balance the amount of liquid by reducing urine production and causing thirst”.

He added that, without steady supply of liquid, our body will suffer water deficiency because the water that our body produces from metabolism is not sufficient, although the urine production is slowed down. He refers to Armstrong and Lieberman research, which states that light dehydration happens when our body loses water as much as 1.5% of our weight for men and 1.2% for women.

This situation cause cognitive disorder of liver and even exhaustion. You will have to watch your water intakes if you want to avoid dehydration. Following are suggested amount of water intakes that will help you prevent dehydration before exercise, at the time of exercise, and after.

Before the Exercise
Four hours before exercising, it is strongly recommended to consume 500 up to 600 milliliters of fresh water. After two hours, if you don’t urinate, or if you do but the urine is darker than usual in color. Drink three up to five more milliliters for each kilogram of your body weight. Fifteen minutes before exercise, drink 250 up to 350 milliliters more water.

At the Time of Exercise
Keep consuming water when you are exercising. The amount of water you should consume is calculated according to the duration and intensity of your exercise. If you spend an hour or less time for exercise consume 200 ml of fresh water every fifteen minutes, and if you spend more than one hour, you should drink the equal amount of isotonic sport drink instead.

Increase the amount of sport drink you consume if you do heavy exercise. Keep in mind, do not ever drink more than one liter of isotonic drink. If you do that your body will suffer excess of water and probably water poisoning.

After the Exercise
Drink 600 up to 700 milliliters of water for every 0.5 kilogram of your body weight reduction. Do it a little at a time.

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