Indonesia Wants More Sport on SEA Games 2015

Indonesia pushed the SEA Games committee to put more sport in the next Sea Games 2015 that will take place in Singapore. This event addition is projected to increase the Indonesian contingent winning potential.

Rita Subowo, the Chairwoman of Indonesian Olympic Committee stated in KOI Annual Conference at Plaza KOI, FX Jakarta, “We push our next SEA Games host, Singapore, to add some sport discipline that has never been contested before, while Indonesia has a potential in it”. Rita says that, KOI will attempt to add six disciplines to be contested in SEA Games. They are rock climbing, karate, kempo, vovinam, tarung derajat, and weight-lifting.

The fact is that this is not the first time Indonesia suggested SEA Games host to make more contest. Before this, Indonesia has suggested boxing, floor ball, petanquÄ—, rowing, indoor volley, and equestrian. The six additional events will be discussed by SINGSOC, Singapore SEA Games Organizing Committee and SEA Games Federation and the decision will be announced at April 15th.

Rita gathered all chiefs of sport federations of all disciplines to sound their request to Singapore. She wants every participant of SEA Games to contribute actively about this. “More requests will result in more discussion. There are eleven countries that suggested this addition; we have to be more persuasive”, Rita stated.

Weight-lifting and few other sport disciplines is not included in the contest because it is not appropriate in local culture of Singaporean. Singapore has stated before that their citizen don’t like heavy sports. About this, Rita has the support of the president of World Weight-lifting Federation.

There are already 30 sports that will be contested in SEA Games, and those are not enough. Chief of Sport for All Committee in KOI, Ade Lukman agreed. “Singapore should include at least seventy or eighty percent of disciplines that are usually contested in former SEA Games, 30 are not enough”.

Following the announcement, the final decision about extra sports that KOI suggested will be stated at April 24th. “Six sports that we’ve suggested will be rehashed at sport and rules meeting. Then it will be escalated at council meeting, and finally to Exco.” Ade added.

There will be 37 or 38 sport disciplines that will be contested if this petition is agreed, and there will be 381 gold medals to win in SEA Games 2015.

Until now, Singapore has officially included 30 sports for SEA Games. SINGSOC has included fighting-themed sports like silat and taekwondo, racing like canoeing, cycling, ball games, like soccer, rugby, softball, and many other kinds of sports.

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