Save Your Facebook Account Now!

Have you ever found out that your Facebook account has sent something that you never remembered send it? Or, one of your friends sends a notification which is saying that that person is successful to hack your password. In the past, account hacking activity is only done by nerd or genius, but now everyone can do it, including you. If the Facebook hacking is just for fun and the person who does it is our friend, maybe it is not so dangerous, but if the “bad guy” is person who wants to make a crime by using our name, it can be a bad beginning especially if the Facebook is for business for government such as French President’s facebook hacked case. Thus, how to get deal with that? Here are some ways that you can do to save your Facebook account from hacking activity.

Be Selective in Using The Application

Sometimes, when we are accessing the Facebook, our friend will suggest us to try certain application such as quiz or games. Sure, of course not. It only takes several minutes to play them and we can continue our online activity. Unfortunately, that’s not so that simple. Once you give the application permission, it will make a bound on the application forever, which means that the application can access every detail of information about you and use it without your permission. That is why you should choose the application from trustable source. If you don’t know about the programmer, don’t try to play it because it may a malicious ware which is waiting for you.

Be Alert

No matter how careful we are, the Facebook hacker is always one step ahead. It is also impossible if we have to pay attention on our Facebook 24 hours a day, right? So let’s make it simpler by using the Facebook login email feature. This feature will send you a notification every time the Facebook password is entered to your email, so if the person who is logging-in to your account is not you, the email will receive the warning and you can change the password as soon as possible. This way is good enough for everyone who accesses the Facebook so rarely.

Be Discreet

Facebook is a good way to make everyone knows you. You also can wish that your crush will observe your Facebook to know about you, so you put all information about you there. Well, you better wish for another thing because the hacker will be able to hack your account by collecting the personal detail about you from your Facebook information, so only post something which is not so that into you if you want to be safe in online media.

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