The Importance of Open Source Software Usage

Software is a program that runs on the computer. Without it, we cannot use a computer device. In IT field, it is classified into two i.e. the open source and closed source software. In term of quantity, closed source software (CSS) is more widely used than open source software (OSS). This is because the people don’t know that OSS has same quality with CSS. To find out the importance of using OSS, let’s check out the following review.

OSS is free and can be used by everyone without spending money. This is very beneficial for people who want to use good software but don’t have much money to buy CSS. For your information, we have to pay thousands US dollars to get complete series of CSS. It will be wiser if we use the money to enhance our computer hardware than to buy the newest CSS version.

Avoiding piracy
Piracy is one of the biggest problems in developing countries. In those countries, piracy is a common thing to get commercial software freely. There is a regulation to avoid piracy but because the price of CSS is very expensive, the software cracking is still continuing. If you don’t want to do a crime, you can try to use OSS. They are free and can be shared to many computers legally.

Using OSS will make the users creative because they can modify it according to their needs. The codes can be changed without breaking the rule. Many programmers have used OSS to train their skill in developing new software. If you want to be one of them, utilizing OSS is better than pirating CSS. You will understand how hard to build great software and may feel their loss when the software is cracked.

We will be more independent because of using OSS. Many CSS users really depend on their software and cannot use other software. This phenomenon can be so dangerous if someday the price of CSS is getting higher and they no longer can afford it. The best alternative is by practicing computer device with free OSS and we still can use original CSS anytime we want.

From all those aspects, piracy is the most crucial problem that has to be solved. We cannot continue breaking the law and make other people suffer losses. It is understandable if changing our habit in using cracked software is not an easy matter but we can still decrease our dependence. Stop piracy now and start using open source software.

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