The Source of CCTV Indonesia

Time is running and everything is growing. Criminal is also the same. It grows and becomes riskier. Criminal can happen to everyone, even in the safest time. When you think anything is okay, it can be changed just like that. For this, people need to be careful. They need to prevent the worst situation. Take the right act is a must. And to do it, technology will be the right help.

Prevent the worst situation can be made with the simple act. That is by monitoring the situation. Monitoring will never be easy without CCTV. But people need to choose the right CCTV too. CCTV is available in the varied technology. For the outline, there are two options. Those are outdoor CCTV and indoor CCTV. Before make a choice, people need to know about their need. At first, people need to evaluate their need. CCTV is available in wired and wireless security system. There also IP network camera. IP network camera allows people to monitor over the internet. You can access this camera anywhere you want. But it is also riskier. For this, people need to protect the CCTV well. Beside it, considering about the number of the camera system is also necessary. More cameras are safer. But people need to spend more money.

Before look for a jual cctv service, people need to understand about the quality of the imaging chip too. In this time, CCTV produces images by using CMOS or CCD technology. CMOS technology has been used for the small CCTV. But it is poor in quality and poor in light sensitivity. If you expect for the better images quality, CCTV with CCD technology is the better choice. It gives the better image and the better detail. But people need to spend more money for this.

CCTV is also available in black and white or color technology. The color technology is more expensive than the black and white CCTV. Before make a choice, you need to consider about the environment. For the low light environment, black and white CCTV is the good choice. Color CCTV is just good for indoor. Beside it, the lighting must be good too. Talking about the image quality, color CCTV looks better. But it is also depending on your need.

Resolution is also need to consider. The higher resolution gives the sharper image. For cctv murah, the camera resolution is about 330 lines. But if you need the sharper image, you need high resolution camera. The resolution of the high resolution camera is about 400 lines. But more lines are better. It will give the better image quality. And if you are looking for the quality camera, make sure to order it in the reliable cctv Indonesia seller.

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