Welcoming World Cup 2014

After four years waiting, in 2014 there will be a big event which waited by many soccer lovers. The 20th FIFA World Cup that will be held in Brazil and this will be the biggest football tournament in the world. The qualification competition had been started since 2011 and until now, there are about 32 countries that officially passed to participate to this event. Although it is still several months to go before the FIFA World Cup is officially opened, but football fans around the world have prepared to welcome this biggest event in football. This event actually attract their fans and supporters from each countries and from long time, they have already prepare money to buy tickets to watch the match directly since this event promises not only the competition but also most awaited football match between two countries.

FIFA World Cup although had been held several times always present dramatic match or surprising result although some predictions will come true then there must be other supporting stories follow this event start from the supporters, player or the match itself. Take an example of the Paul, the Octopus in last FIFA World Cup in 2010 that can predict the champion and result of the match. Since, FIFA World Cup participants are countries with selected and qualified national football team no wonder the football fanatics will hunt for the tickets as their role to support the favorite teams. Besides that, some big countries that are predicted in presenting most promising and dramatic match will have many spectators and their match tickets will be sold out just in time. Since Brazil had held this event for twice, this country should expect to be the champion although it is not the first time.

Some possibilities and most awaited match influence the ticket to be sold out. The hosting country is in the Group A that means the match of this group will attract many football fans. The strong contestants which are waited the match is the strongest countries from Europe which are Netherland and Spain. Other ones are England and Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica that attract many spectators to watch the match. Brazil as the hosting country today has done some preparation including the marketing involves the mascot, theme song and some infrastructure projects. In FIFA World Cup 2014, will be first time using the goal-line technology provided by German company and also vanishing spray will be used too after its successful trial in previous World Cup.

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