Beginner Guidance: Considering the Badminton Racket

It is important to know how to choose the racket for badminton especially for beginner because the skill level will influence the choice. Badminton is a racket sport which using the most lightweight racket and choosing the racket must consider several aspects including construction of frame, size of grip, the configuration of string and balance. Those aspects are imperative to consider since without having appropriate racket, the game will be not enjoyable besides it can risk the sprain or injury toward the badminton player. Since, there is various quality and features of rackets, then by knowing more about the racket that is proper, will help avoid the uncomfortable feeling.

The frame construction is important to consider. For beginner it is recommended to choose the steel or aluminum frame that is heavier but it is the most affordable and it is proper for the beginner skill. The experienced badminton players tend to choose the graphite frame because besides it is the lightest in weight, it also have speed, control and handling features and the experienced players should know what the best and comfort to use. Grip size will be different among players and it can affect the comfort while grip size is important thing in badminton. Choosing the most comfort and fit in gripping perfectly is wise decision. if you are in doubt to choose the proper, gently ask the shop staff to give the suggestion because they will be experienced in giving consultation.

The head of racket could be the square and oval. The square-head racket will have addition area of surface that creates greater chance to hit the shuttlecock. On the other hand, the oval-head will have less surface area than the square head but has more power. Balance is essential, so that consider about the weight and shape of racket head. The flexibility of the shaft that depends on the skill level of the player and it is important to consider too. Flexibility closely related to the speed adds of the swing and affect the power. The beginner badminton players should choose the racket that provides more flexibility to get more power and speed as well. In addition, the tension of the string will be differently suggested for the beginner and the professional since the beginner will need lower tension whereas the advanced badminton player will choose the higher tension that has more control and accuracy. Regardless from the function, comfort is the main factor when beginner chooses the racket because it can affect the game.

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