Breastfed Babies Appear Smarter than Other without It

Cause to baby breastfeeding is getting really popular and more moms are suggested to do it. Senior citizens have known that breastfed babies appear healthier and smarter compared to ones without it. However, they don’t know why it happened that way. The question revolving around is there something special in the milk or psychologically speaking, the motherhood value of mom makes it grow smarter? What’s wrong with today’s formula milk? They even add a lot of complementary beneficial vitamins.

Study in Brigham Young University found out that parenting skills contribute to the development of child’s cognitive. It has nothing to do with the milk, but more to the parent’s sensitivity towards her baby’s emotional cues. Optimal cognitive boost is effectively done by responding to child’s emotional cues quickly and reading to them since the age of 9 months. Breastfeeding mothers tend to do these parenting skills rather than the one who is not. Responding to child’s emotional cues is important to follow their development and meet their cognitive requirement. Breastfeeding mothers tend to be more sensitive on the matter, so the child is often given proper early education.

The research which was conducted by Ben Gibbs and Renata Foste involved 7,500 mothers and their children. It monitored the children since they were born until age of 5 years. The data observed the time when mother started reading to their children and how the children do challenging task then. This research also observed how supportive and sensitive the breastfeeding moms were. Child development expert, Sandra Jacobson said, the result showed that the children who were breastfed for 6 month and longer doing better reading performance. It also proved how sensitive the breastfeeding moms to reading to children activity at once.

Gibbs and Froste also discovered that reading to children starting the age of 9 months contribute to significant reading readiness at the age of 4 years. This reading readiness doesn’t have any direct relation with breastfed milk composition, breastfeeding activity and sensitivity towards emotional cues. Reading readiness is solely provoked by reading to children activity. However, such activity is mostly done by breastfeeding moms who tend to choose spending her quality time with the children. Sensitivity and support build the emotional and positive relations between mom and children, which is good for their emotional development. It’s also sensitive mom who tends to find out that reading to children is important. Working mom who spends less time in home was proved to being unable to provide such exclusiveness.

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