Dogs as Pets are Able to Understand Human

Dogs are one type of pet that is much favored by his being. The animal was regarded as a friend or even a family member. Many people have tested the loyalty of the dog and all it shows is a real success. Different types of dogs developed to create new types and species. All the people who love dogs are willing to treat them like family members. This attitude turned out to be understood by a dog and they become very docile animals. Although in some cases there are adverse events that result from dog diseases such as rabies. The disease is transmitted through the bite of a dog and need special handling. The disease is seen only owned by dog wild without owner. This effect is commonly found in urban stray dogs that are on the streets. To eradicate all the bad effects of stray dogs normally be taken by the agency wildlife observers.

A survey conducted by several researchers in the country of Hungary stated that the dog into an animal that can understand human feelings. This is demonstrated by the good reaction when dogs were invited to communicate. This animal does not have a language in common with humans, but all of these reactions indicated by limb. Movements such as tail wagging, hugs spoiled, licking the owner and active movement into a very positive reaction. Barking dog can also prove that it is a sound that is comfortable or not. Dog has changed many people's lives and this is recognized by the entire animal lover.

A central laboratory at ELTE University conducted a study of dozens of types of dogs. All conditions in the laboratory that made it uncomfortable for the dog to make these animals react badly. Treatment of human nature to change all this by giving caress the dog 's ear , kisses and hugs simple was able to make the dog becomes soft . All equipment scanner used in the study gave a positive reaction when a dog to communicate. It's like proving that all the words of the ancestors of loyalty and kindness dogs cannot be broken. Dogs and humans are creatures who cannot live without a sense of affection and all the research proves the result. Treating dogs like family and friends will make an excellent long relationship. Various forms and types of dogs also were able to make people feel happy.

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