Flappy Bird is Going to Down for Its Popularity

For you who are truly gamers in online, you must be not foreign with games namely Flappy Bird. This game was first launched in 2013 that become popular and mostly played in around the world. This game was competitively to the earlier games of Angry bird and makes the game become the most played in 2014. For this reason, the Flappy bird when it has launched in the first time for iPhone 5 apps, the game was rated as middle game and was not as popular as now.

But in the earlier month in 2014, the game reach to the top ten games that listed in the most played game and makes it become the most popular game. This becomes the most downloaded game in UK, China, US apps store. When it has released for the android one, the craziest things appear and they cannot handle any more. The interviewer seen that this game was addicted to some gamers. This becomes the most played game in smart phone. This game becomes the new “angry Bird” games.

This game featured with 2D graphics retro style that makes the game more interested. The game was difficult, the most frustrating game and with the curve combination difficulty, this make the gamers more curious to beat the game. To play his game is easy but too hard to master on it, therefore this reason make this game become favorite and popular for the gamers. Although it has simple and no variation on the games, this not makes the gamers leave and get bored. In addition, this condition makes the gamers fell addicted to the games. This condition make the creator of the Flappy Bird decide to remove the game from some application such as Apple and Google play in February 2014.

The condition above, makes the smart phones that has pre installed with this application get higher price offered in internet because his game was couldn’t downloaded any more in some apps and phone store. This condition also makes similar games with Flappy bird going raise because of its removal. There is a purchasing in internet trading such as ebay and amazon that sell the phone that has installed with the game. This make potential malware contain is the phone offered. Due to the removal, there are many parodies and similar games created to fill the games and the games called “ Flappy Bird copy cat” does not even take the similar popularity of the original one.

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