Good and Bad Effect of Caffeine for the Body

Are you among those who have a high lifestyle filled with the bustle of the day? All of these activities will require a lot of energy to allow the body to continue to feel fit. In addition to taking vitamins or healthy food consumption usually people will also need tea or coffee. This drink has become a habit for everyone in the world. Besides can be used to relax the friends of coffee or tea has turned out to be the opium of the workers. The substances most commonly found in the type of coffee or tea caffeine is a substance that has been the subject of research.

Caffeine Dependence and the Effects

The caffeine that is in coffee or tea has attracted millions of people for drinking at any time. There are people who are accustomed to drinking coffee or tea in the morning, but some are consumed more in a day. The effects of caffeine have been many in the know, but this drink has become addictive. This means that if the drink is left then it will have less effect on the body. Serious problems caused by caffeine are in the long-term health effects. Opiate effects from caffeine can make people to leave absolutely no coffee or tea. This means that in a full day the person will consume more than two cups of coffee full. Deepest danger in this case is that all people understand the adverse health effects but they do not ever want to think about it and let the coffee into the body as plain water.

The caffeine that is in coffee or sugar was addictive substance that has caused very large in the body. With this reason, people who have felt addicted to it very difficult to leave. It could be compared to drugs or types of nicotine in cigarettes. Caffeine that enters the human body will increase production of adrenaline so that they feel more confident and happy. It has always been the reason that many people need coffee in the morning. All in usual activities while in the office or on the way to the office. Caffeine continues to accumulate on the human body has a heart attack trigger factor that is very dangerous. Another thing that is more related hypertension and this is clearly a big threat for coffee addicts. Even the coffee consumption in pregnant women can cause harmful effects to the fetus such as defects or miscarriage.

Positive Benefits in Consuming Caffeine

Caffeine is found in coffee or tea is widely used for the reason that these substances can prevent attacks drowsiness. Recently, a study developed by the Johns Hopkins University says that caffeine can trigger brain work becomes even more leverage in influencing the ability of memory. The study involved more than 100 participants in the trial who received caffeine from a tablet containing caffeine. It is like proving that caffeine is very useful to support intelligence and memory. Although caffeine has positive benefits for the body to consume caffeine from coffee or tea in excess is not good action. Adverse effects of caffeine to the body should be considered so that it can get good health.

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