How to Do Exercise without Injuries

Medical experts always say that exercise regularly is good for our health. It can make our body fresh, strengthen, and accelerate our metabolism. Some people become so enthusiastic to do exercise. The problem is they don’t know how to exercise without injuries. This lack of knowledge about good and ideal exercise leads them to bad injuries such as knee problem, kneecap dislocation, wrist sprains, shoulder damage, and etc. To avoid those injuries, let’s take a look to the precautions below.

Body limit
Everybody has her or his own limitation. Before you start, know your body limit. People who exercise regularly have good body endurance so they can do hard exercise. But how about the ones who never exercise before? Of course the condition is different. They can exercise but in slow rhythm such as jogging, swimming, and any other light workout.

Intense exercise
If you rarely do exercise, it will be better to start with the light one. Add the intensity if your body is already accustomed to this activity. Some people who want to get a good shape sometimes are not patience to increase their exercise that lead to bad injuries. Finally, they get traumatic state. Thus, don’t be so keen of doing exercise. Increase the intensity gradually.

Warming up
All kinds of exercise need warming up. Provide 10 minutes to do aerobic activity before starting exercise. This will prevent injuries, pump adequate blood to your muscle, and prepare your body for harder exercise. The usual injuries which happen if you exercise without warming up are strain, pain, and swelling in parts of body.

Foot wear
A suitable foot wear can make you safe from foot injuries especially if you practice running or jogging. Select the correct shoes size, not too small or big. Uncomfortable shoes might hurt your toes or heel. Choose the material of shoes which can absorb sweat. To support heel, ankle, and arch, use a sport shoes. Casual shoes are not proper for exercise.

When practicing, you will secrete much sweat that lead to dehydration. It can cause muscle damage and even unconsciousness. Bring a bottle of water with you to avoid it. Just drink plain water. When you feel so thirsty, stop the exercise, take time to rest, and supply some water to your body.

Before doing exercise activity, eat some food such as fruits to provide energy during workout. But remember don’t too much since it will trigger stomach cramp. Thus, prevent your body from damage injuries by doing those tips.

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