Kid’s Online Assistant from Google Chrome

There are so many little children that prefer to hold their parent’s tablet rather than lollypop or cotton candy. This easy access of internet can increase the children’s knowledge about many things, including the bad one such as porn site, adulthood material or gambling source. These days, Google Chrome has new weapon to save many children in the world from being possessed by something useless like porn material and so on through Web Filter, so what is it all about?

Many parents want their children to be up date with the recent news, so the children can be smarter. However, they cannot always pay attention on what children access through their digital device, so there must be something which is attached to the browser to guard the kids, something that they cannot go without it such as Web Filter Pro. This website is amazing for the parent, children and the computer or the device itself. Let’s start from the children’s benefit. This feature is an add-ons from Google which monitors various daily websites that are accessed from that browser. Since it uses a cloud based program, so it can cover up to thousand websites altogether. The parent can customize what kind of criteria of the website that should be blocked by this feature. In some methods, this application can access the blocked website, but it will not be easy.

For the parents, it can be another online assistant while they cannot sit close to the children while they are accessing online application. Besides blocking the unwanted website, this monitoring program is very susceptible to spyware, malware and virus. Now, the user does not need to be afraid that their device will be infected by the virus. How to get it?

The user is just accessing the Chrome web store from their Google Chrome browser. The link is one the front page of Google Chrome. To fasten the searching process, the user can type the name of the application in the search box. After finding it, click the “add to Google Chrome button and you will find the “install” button then click it. If it has been successfully installed, there will be a yellow circle icon besides the favorite bar. Click it to customize the setting. This feature is very flexible which means that the user can choose what type of block that they want to have such as block based on the setting system, block one website only and remove the block.

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