The Acquisition of WhatsApp Messenger by Facebook

Internet is one of the most important inventions that apparently changes the way people do various things. Communication or social interaction is one of the things affected by the involvement of internet in our daily life. The combination of internet with mobile gadgets made more possibilities to connect with more people at any locations. Mobile messaging is one of the popular communication choices that the gadget users can choose several applications; WhatsApp Messenger is one of the common applications that can provide mobile messaging solutions. Its versatility as well as its available features made the common online messenger like Facebook messenger lika an old messaging tool. It is probably one of the reasons that made Facebook really want to acquire WhatsApp Messenger’s ownership.

Practically; WhatsApp Messenger is like any other messenger application that the users can exchange texts messages as well as multimedia messages like photos and videos. WhatsApp Messenger offers the private and group chat as part of its versatile features; it is like a platform of instant messaging installed on mobile phones. Its main advantage is the fact that the user can have text and multimedia messaging solutions without have to pay the SMS or MMS fees to the mobile phone carrier as long as the user is having internet connection. Another advantage offered by WhatsApp Messenger is its cross platform ability; the messaging application can connect Android, BlackBerry, Windows and any other mobile phone platforms to each other.

WhatsApp Messenger’s versatility in providing cross platform messaging solution is probably one of the reasons that made Facebook willing to pay about $16 billion to acquire the messenger application. It was announced that there has been an agreement by Facebook to acquire WhatsApp in Februari 19, 2014. WhatsApp Messenger is practically the leader of mobile messenger application with more than 450 million users worldwide.

Apparently; Facebook was willing to acquire WhatsApp with that price due to the plan to provide more connectivity as well as utility for the internet users in the future. The efficient and affordable connectivity and utility services are the points that being the targets of Facebook in the near future. One of the other theories about the acquisition is the plan of Facebook to provide private data sharing rather than the present social and public services provided for the Facebook users. The new messaging application connected to the present Facebook application is probably something that most people will anticipate.

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