10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Well, it is interesting to explain about the 10 most beautiful cities in the world. Perhaps, if you are the one who are having the vacation or want to have such fascinating experience of world travelling, this article will definitely explain and share the 10 most beautiful cities followed as:

#1. Venice - Republic of Venice
This city draws the uniqueness. The fresh air while sitting on the edge of river is needed. You may find the old building with unique architecture with the canal which supports the good scenery.

#2. Paris - France
The Eiffel tower is standing in this city. At night, the light flash is spreading in the city. The boat tour along Seine as well as enjoying the sparkling light from the city is good. Located in France, Paris will definitely give you the fascinating experience of travelling.

#3. Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
If you want to look for the unique and various kinds of birds, you may come to Rio de Janeiro. Located in the seaside with the top hills on it, you can enjoy the nature as well from the city. The Jesus statue on the hills may great for the scenery.

#4. Lisbon - Portugal
This city is already known as the most beautiful city since 15th century. The pastel-colored and tidy building was built and beautifies the city as well. You can enjoy the unique scenery from the hills down to the beach side. The hilarious historical architecture is still there on the building for instance.

#5. Rome - Italy
This is the place where the flowered house stands at the Trastevere district. You can find the unique and historical architecture of building in every corner of street inside the city.

#6. Amsterdam - Netherlands
The bridge which built for crossing the canal is beautiful as well. The bikers use the bridge to across the canal. The fascinating building which built alongside the canal draws the unique nuance.

#7. Budapest - Hungary
This city is being split by Danube River as it is divided into two main cities which are Buda and Pest. This historical city is good for travelling as you may find elegant and gothic buildings in the city. The bridge which connects two cities is sparkling when night is coming.

#8. Florence - Italy
The enormous old building and museums are here. The towers and domes will comfort you. Also, the hills scenery draws the natural nuance.

#9. Bruges - Belgium
This small city is unique with its gothic and odd building architecture. The small streets are beautiful. This city is known as the medieval city because of its building.

#10. Prague - Czech
The Old Town Square and Charles Bridge should be visited. The Charles Bridge cut the Vitave River as well. The historical monument buildings will hypnotize your visualization.

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