New Profile Layout Tested by Twitter and the Removal of Direct Message Feature

Twitter is one of the popular sites where people can connect and interact with the other Twitter users. Most people prefer to mention Twitter as micro blogging site rather than a social networking site, but there are things in common like the way Twitter can connect people and provide the media to interact and share information as well as meet new people. Apparently; Twitter is testing several design tweaks related to the new layouts for the mobile Twitter application. Most of the new design tweaks are having streamlined and cleaner appearance that look different from the present Twitter profile layout.

There are new placement setups like the profile photo and the header image; the differences are on the size of the photo profile and the header image as well as on the placement of the photo. One of the new Twitter profile layout being tested is having similar look with the current Facebook profile page layout as well as the Google+. The idea to create highlighted tweets and the card content with grid style arrangement made the tested profile layout has different appearance with the present top feed profile layout. Since the new Twitter profile layout was only being tested; it is unsure that the Facebook look alike profile page will be the chosen new Twitter profile page layout.

Another slight, but drastic change on the Twitter profile page layout and the feature is the removal of the direct messaging policy. There was a policy to receive direct message from the followers, but the feature is apparently removed. It is probably one of the experiments conducted by Twitter to improve their services to be more comfortable and also more secure for the users. There is also the possibilities to add new features that are never released as part of the experiment.

The processes of the experiment may affect the performance as well as the appearance of the current Twitter profiles and features. Some of the Twitter users are reporting that they see and use some of the tested features, but the others are cannot see and use the features. It is also believed that Twitter is about to improve the direct messaging feature for more comfortable connection among the users. The competition among social networking sites made the companies needs to improve and create changes to bring more useful features that the users can optimize and use.

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