SWORD of EVIL - is an RPG game full of mystery with an open world!

Since the beginning of humanity, people fighting wars, for lands, for wealth or freedom.

But now is the time for the last war, the war between good and evil, angels and demons.

When God created the hell, he created and the “Sword of Evil”, that was putted at hell’s gate and all the evil that gets in hell pass through the sword, and all the dark sins remains inside. This sword masters the dark’s kingdom.

Who will master this sword will lead the world!!!

We are a young team and we are at the beginning. This is the first serious project which we started, from which we hope to succeed something great. Why we decided to create certain RPG game, we will tell you later! We are beginners in this field, and we don’t hide it, the contrary we are proud that we are at the beginning and we are doing a great job, we plan to surprise and to intrigue the fans of RPG games.

About half a year ago, I met with friends at a coffee, and I don’t know how, but we begin to discuss about a RPG game (certainly most of you played in it). We talked about strong and weak elements of that game. I disliked something, my friends disliked something else.

Then appeared the idea of ​​creating a game, a RPG game that meets all our requirements. It all started with a joke but over time turned into something really important for each of us. The start was hard but also very interesting, and in this half of year we learned a lot of more interesting things from each other, but we'll talk about it, the next time)))

Firstly for creating a successful game is necessary a good storyline!! For me the game’s storyline is as important as the film’s scenario and I think that the majority will agree with me, even speaking about such games as Arcada or even Racing!

The game "Sword of Evil" will have a mysterious and intriguing storyline, something more special in comparison with what you have seen before in RPG games! We took care about it, and we still have more surprises and improving)

I’m very proud that we really did it, the scenario is ready, and at the moment we are writing the first Chapter of the book "Sword of Evil", but we have to work hard at games’ graphics. We started to create the game on one engine, but now we want to get another because we want at the end to get a qualitative product and at the same time a nice product!


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