The Funny Bitstrips App for Fun Comic Strips Creation

There are more fun applications that anyone can try and use; Bitstrips is a personalized web comic application that any users can create custom strip comic for fun. Apparently; the application is now being very popular and managed to raise $15 million. There are more people creating custom comic strip and post the comic strip at various online sites. The use of large headed character that is commonly mentioned as Me Gusta meme is practically very popular; it’s funny look can be seen at various photo sharing sites like Tumblr or Reddit where people post custom made comic strip with the use of the meme. It is now a very popular drawing and also being the part of the internet popular culture. The Me Gusta meme was first appeared on Rage comics.

The popularity of creating custom strip comic made of personalized objects and photos made the application for creating the custom comic strip like Bitstrips very popular. Apparently; it was Bitstrips that made the personalized comic strip very popular since there are more people using the application for creating their custom comic strips. The little and simple app was capable of raising venture capital with the amount of $15 million; there was $3 million already raised in the December to make the app managed to raise a total of $18 million in only 4 months. Bitstrips was launched in October 2012 and managed to be on the top of the App Store sales rank in only weeks.

Basically; the idea of Bitstrips is creating funny comics from the documented activities of the application’s user. The iPhone and Android users can download the app to start creating the custom comic strips. The app is also available on Facebook that made Bitstrips very popular in the social networking site. Anyone can create characters to represent the user as well as friends and the people around the user to begin creating comic strip about the daily life and activities.

There are 2,000 scenes and even more that the user can choose for creating the custom comic strip situation or lay out. It only requires simple creativity to create funny comic strips about the daily life of certain experiences. The Bitstrips user can post the created comic strip on Facebook as well as on other photo sharing sites. The ability to customize the comic strip with unique and customized characters made Bitstrips can assist anyone creating funny comic strips and share them with everyone.

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