Life on Mars: Is It Possible?

Mars sea

As the earth is getting older and more crowded, people are starting to think about the alternate place where human being will be able to continue preserve life. With the threat of global warming, the surface of the earth is getting lower and it is predicted that in the future the earth will be nothing but water. Therefore, the scientists are looking for the possibility to live on another planet that has the closes characteristic with earth. The planet that is on the front row for this is Mars. It has been known for years that the research has shown that Mars has water. However, this is the only sign by far that indicates that there is a possibility of life in Mars.

Another finding also indicates that the weather in Mars is way too extreme for human beings to live there. The temperature of most surface is -81°F so to live there human will needs a pile of winter clothes. This certainly is will be too inconvenient for daily use. Not only that, the time needed to travel from earth to Mars is about 120 days the fastest. This is almost impossible to take up the whole earth population there. Unless of course the scientists have found the new technology that will make it easier for human to travel from planet to planet. This will require a really fast rocket that is ten times faster than the current one we have now.

Furthermore, although it is said that water is found in Mars, the way to obtain it is not as easy as obtaining it on earth. It takes much effort until the water can be taken and if we desire to have the adequate supply of water for all people, the water on Mars might not suffice. Bringing water from earth is also not an option though as it will take up a lot of space and time recalling how long it takes to travel from earth to Mars. Thus, there must be some kind of technology that the scientists should bring from earth that will enable human retracting water from the surface of Mars.

Even so, there is still hope that we might be living in Mars in the future and become Martians. The fact that there is a place on earth that looks just like Mars supports this idea. The dry valley located in Antarctica looks like Mars and even the temperature is lower than some places in Mars. There is also life in Antarctica so the possibility is still wide open. As long as the scientists keep on developing the technology so that everything will be much easier for human beings to be transferred to Mars, we can still keep our hope high for that to happen. Moreover, the technology is still being developed until now so we can keep our fingers crossed that eventually this will result a hopeful coming to the prospect of human beings live in Mars.

There is even a myth that actually human beings on earth are originally from Mars. We can see that on some ancient buildings like Pyramids or Temples there are some artefacts that show life beings similar to the attire our astronauts are wearing to go to the moon or Mars. Therefore, it might be true that we indeed were originally from Mars and in the future we might be returning there. With all the promising new findings from Mars Rovers every day, there will probably come a time when Mars is a readily available place for us to live in. Until that time, we still need to preserve our lives on earth as best as we could for we do not know what tomorrow might bring.

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