Loving the Deep Sea Creatures

Deep sea creatures often thought to be ugly because they look scary. Slickhead fish are known to be amongst the ugly looking inhabitants of the deep sea. With the stripped of scales heads and the bodies in tar color, the fish are not interesting at all. The fish won’t be found side by side with fish like trout or tuna or salmon in the market. However there are a lot of them can be found in the waters of U.K. The slickhead fish will fill the fishing net and make fishermen really pissed for one obvious reason.

It seems like the fish is not well loved by fishermen. However, the fish might be love more by everyone who knows the role of the slickhead fish or even the other creatures of the deep sea. One of the researchers in Britain’s National Oceanography Centre and Southampton University, Clive Trueman stated while laughing that he loves these ugly looking fish. He might be joking but he also has the more serious reasons to love these fish. This is something related to the possible of deep sea dwellers’ role to suck up CO2 or carbon dioxide from the air of the earth.

In one new study, Clive Trueman and his colleague found a possibility that the animals that live deep in the sea will go to the surface of the sea and suck up carbon dioxide or CO2. The amount of CO2 sucked up every year is huge. The animals of the deep sea will suck a million tons of CO2. In this case, the slickhead fish will suck CO2 from U.K. and Irish waters. Every year, in one particular time where the fishermen will be pissed, that will be the time for the deep sea fish, the slickhead will come to the surface.

Preserving the Ecosystem of deep Sea

A lot of scientists assumed that the creatures of the deep sea acquire their energy from taking the tiny particles of the organic matter that come to the floor of the sea. However, Trueman alongside his team found the fact that at least a half or more fish that live on the floor of the sea might acquire their energy from the animals that often go between deep sea and the surface every day such as jellyfish, cephalopods and other small fish. These animals are possibly the source of energy of deep sea creatures.

These animals that constantly go to the surface and go back to the deep water will need to recycle the carbon dioxide by coming to the water surface. However, when these animals get themselves eaten by the creatures of deep sea, the CO2 will remain locked right on the bottom of the sea. Researchers have collected the tissue samples to check on the possibility. There is a wide agreement to this especially when considering how the methane and carbon dioxide are driving global warming. The spots that help to sink the carbon dioxide like ocean and forest will be important.

This theory of deep sea creatures that come to the surface to suck up carbon dioxide still needs further study. However, there is no need to wait for tomorrow to let natural process helping to slow down the climate change. This theory needs to be considered furthermore because this is related to the future of earth. For now, let’s say that these fish and other creatures of the deep sea truly suck up carbon dioxide from the air of earth, that mean they have a real beneficial function that will be very crucial. It is wise to start thinking and considering the better treatment and preservation for the deep sea environment.

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