The Science Fact of Tears

Well, in this article, we would like to share and define how the tear has its scientific fact. All of us know that the tears are coming to our life from the very first time. Since we were born, people already cried which make the tears come out from our eyes. Tears are very important for human life. Firstly, the reason why the tears can come out is because of its function. Tears can moist our eyes ball and contain of protein which disinfection everything that can harm our eyes. For instance, when your eyes are being harmed by dust, the eyes will lure the tears come out so that the eyes will not scratched. But, the most important thing is the unique function of tear. Are you realizing that if you are in the sorrow situation, you will cry because of your psychological condition? Michael Trimble as the author of “Why Humans Like to Cry” tries to define that the emotional crying is very unique within human life.

Distinctive Tears

Firstly, you will know what is called by basal tears. This kind of tear help us to always moist our eyes, nourishing, and lubricating our eyes as well. It will be this kind of tear in every of human life as long as they live. This is the main tears which always come out to protect our eyes. Secondly, you will find what is called by reflex tears. This kind of tear tries to protect our eyes from the irritant as worst as the smoke and onion. That is why when we face the black smoke or cutting the onion, our eyes will be covered by tears when at the same time, the illness comes within our eyes. Of course, both of these tears above has distinctive chemical component as well.

Other Purpose of Tears

Some scientists try to develop the other purpose of tears as well. Instead of biologically function, the tear can also show that a human is on the sorrow or stress. For instance, a baby would cry loudly to attract the attention of their mom instead of speaking to her. This inability force the baby to use tears as a signal that he/she is on a bad condition. Another instance for sure such as how people cry because of experiencing bad moment as well. When he/she tries to tell us, they will cry for sure to depict the sorrow behind their story. This function is being defined by some scientists as the distress function from tear.

Or, perhaps, you might find two people who are arguing each other and one of them is crying. Well, this is the most unique function of tear as the fast mechanism for save relationship. When a couple tries to argue and fight the logic of each, the woman will cry and attract the attention of man. In that time, the man will be not going heat instead of hug the woman. This is the best part in how the tear works for human’s life.

The tear is drained into the small nasal cavity which will keep the excess of tear. Therefore, when you are in a bad psychology condition, the nasal cavity will draw up all of your tears as well as making your eyes wet of them. Perhaps, when you are crying, your nose will be run. This is because the excess of tear inside the lacrimal gland is also flowing to the nose. Therefore, your nose will be flown by tear. So, as explained before, the tears come up with very unique purpose and facts within the human body. This natural granted from human body is very useful as well as hiding the facts behind it.

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