The Twins of Earth Has Been Found

Do you know that the earth has its twins? Don’t get surprise with that because a new planet which similar to the earth is found. There are several differences between our earth and this new earth. First, the size of this new planet is twice than our earth. It is a common thing if this new planet is called as Mega Earth. Second, this Mega Earth has 20 times of mass in orbit around the faraway star. Third, researchers said that there is no further research yet whether human is able life there or not. But, this new giant planet has clouds and atmosphere. Moreover, there is no problem with the surface and there is a possibility that creature can life there. Besides using Mega Earth as the name of the planet, it is also said as Kepler-10c. Seeing this uniqueness especially from the size, the director of the Harvard Origins of Live Initiative said that new planet is The Godzilla of Earths.

The founding of this planet is also considered as big news for astronomers. It seems that this new planet is drawn from hydrogen and in the end it is formed into giant gas planet. It is the same case with previous planets such as Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. The unique part of this giant planet is on its formation. It is known that the model is not the same with the common planetary formation. Actually, this planet is not the first time seen by the scientists. For your information, this Kepler-10c has been found at glimpse in 2011. At that time, Kepler-10c was found by Nasa’s Kepler space telescope. From this first appearance, it is stated that the size of this new planet is around 30.000km wide. This information is added with the new data. The new data is found by using the Italian National Galileo Telescope. The data stated that Kepler-10c has 17 times greater mass than our earth. The research is continued by measuring the density of this new planet. From the research, it is known that 7 grams per centimeter of this planet is made of rock and water. How about the surface? It is also known that the temperature of the surface is 310celcius along with the cloudy sky. In more specific measurement, Kepler-10c is also moving around a star which is similar to our sun. This new planet is moving around for about 560 light years from earth. There is also information that scientists have found a new planet known as Kepler-10b. The orbit of this planet is fast and close to the same star. The new year of the planet is unfolded every 20 hours.

Definitely, further research has to be made to know all about Kepler-10c which is also known as The Godzilla of Earths. It seems that they have to create a new telescope which can analyze the atmosphere of planet especially around the solar system. It is very important improvement for the telescope because by using such kind of telescope, scientists can predict which type of planet which is considered as habitable and which planet considered as inhabitable. In addition, the solar system which contains of Kepler-10c was created 11bn years ago. If it is calculated, it means the solar system was created three billion years before the big bang process. The unique finding of this planet is also about the fact that rocky planet can form earlier. Even, one of scientists namely Sasselov said that if we can make rocks it means we can make life. So, what we are waiting for is the further research about this giant planet especially about whether it is habitable or not.

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