Traveling Through Time

If we watch the movie Back to The Future, we must be fascinated with the concept of time traveling. The fact that we can go back in time where things used to happen and try to change it must be a great idea. We the can stop some tragedies in human lives to happen such as the 9/11 incident or the shot of President Kennedy. Yet, according to the current finding, time travel is still not possible. And even if it does happen, we might not able to change what already happened in the past as there is also a belief of parallel universe.

In 1990s, there was a man called John Titor who claimed that he came from the future to warn the generation about the deadly consequence of the human’s negligence. He stated that in the future there will more tragedy. However, many people are still skeptical about the existence of this person and think of it as nothing but a fallacy. Even so, the development of technology to invent a time machine is still ongoing until now.

Albert Einstein said that the space has three dimension, which are width, height, and length. Time however is beyond these things and that is why time was considered relative by Einstein. Time can only move forward but it also provides direction as the coordinate. He however believed that time can be slowing down if human beings can travel faster than light. This is then the basis of the attempt in finding something that can beat the speed of light. Based on this premise, some believe that Astronauts are actually time travelers as when they reach the space, the time there moves slower than on earth.

To beat the speed of light though, an object must have infinite mass and length of 0 according to Einstein. Yet, the scientists these days are trying to extend the number as 0 is impossible for human to beat physically. The only way that should be done then is to make a wormhole. Unfortunately until now the technology found is still unable to create one.

Furthermore, even if the time travel is eventually possible, there will be a time travel paradox. You cannot change one thing in the past without completely affecting the future. Thus, there will be a chaos on the universe if time travel does exist. This theory though is contradicted by another belief that we live in the parallel universe. Thus, there will be no chaos as when we travel in time, we are actually entering a whole other universe. So, time travel will still be possible. But if this parallel universe is true, then there is no point in doing a time travel in the first place as in each universe, the incidents will be different from one another. In one universe the humans might be extinct because of massive earthquake as a result of global warming but in another it might be because of robot domination like in many sci-fi movies.

Either way though, the possibility that time travel might exist is somehow thrilling. We then can see another side of the universe than the one we see now. If the technology does advance and humans can travel the speed of light, then this will be a good sign for us to learn from the past and the future. Even if we cannot change what happens now, we can still try to avoid anything that will bring horrible consequence for us. After all, Einstein does not close the possibility that time travel might happen and this is now the task of the scientists to solve the mystery.

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