Exoskeleton: New Discovery

Well, in this article, we would like to talk about the development of technology innovation within the world. Meanwhile, technology has become the most important aspect of human life which really determines the existence of human life. Nowadays, the nature has grown to attack human. The global climate has come from disasters. Sometimes, the development of human life is like a vicious cyclical which drive human to the pitfalls of life. But, technology can also give the positive benefit to people life as well. For instance, people cannot communicate rapidly with siblings, relatives, or friends without the innovation of mobile technology. People also cannot move fast from one place to other place with the innovation of car, motorcycle, plane, or the others vehicle as well. Therefore, it is necessary for human to develop the technology to support their life as well as discovering the new technological platform.

The Limitation of Physical Ability

As human is an organic creature, humans are also has their weakness. Sometimes, some accidents or even the natural disaster can give bad impact to human life. For instance, if you are the one who live in village and being impact by landslide, it will injure your body as well. It can break your legs or feet at that time. Perhaps, the surgery which cost you highly will give the cure for your injury. But, the amputation might be occurred when the doctor suggest it. It is because the revitalization of body cell cannot always occur. The damage within cell can give the impact of cell’s inability to revitalize as well. Therefore, people need the assistance of technology. They need to develop the useful technological stuff which can be used to help people because of its disability.

Exoskeleton: New Discovery for Human

Well, the exoskeleton is the new technological wear stuff which very useful for human life. People with the disability might be helped because of the emergence of this technological stuff. This technology is built with the wear-suit form which can be worn to the human body. For instance, if someone is feeling paralyzed, they can use this stuff for helping them walking. Why it can occur in that way? Firstly, this technology is built with the mind-control technology. Therefore, if people are paralyzed which damage their bodies they can still control the suit with their mind. The detector is created with the sensitive sensor that can detect the temperature within the mind. So, if you think that way, the suit will move that way either.

This kind of suit is already promoted in the movie. If you ever seen the Ironman, therefore you will see Tony Stark control the suit as well. Even, in the movie, the exoskeleton is being created with some weapon and power to support the battle. But then, the most important thing from the emergence of this technology is its usefulness. The people with disability physically can do the normal activities as well as walking in normal way. Nowadays, there comes some news that informs the development of this wear suit from the US military. This technology will be transform by the government for military usage as well as for the soldier. Perhaps, this innovation can increase the military capability of US.

This technology is sold with the expensive price. It is being sold approximately worth $150,000. If you want to have such technology, you have to obtain the permit from government as well. It is because this technology can be used as the weapon at the same time. So, to prevent the misuse of this technology, the permit must be had by people. Thanks to the technology which very useful for human life present and future.

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