Sea Sponge: Animal or Plant?

Well, in this article, we will definitely explain the scientific discussion regarding to the coral seas. Before start explaining the coral seas, we will start from the discussion of the various creatures beneath surface and sea land. In the ocean, we might find various creatures which are bio-plants and fish. Even, you can find the mollusca creatures which do not have any structure within their body. Firstly, we might find many fishes inside the sea. You can find the smallest until the biggest size of fish. Well, for the small one, you can find the clown fish as well. Perhaps, you can find such fish in the reef. You can also find the others as well. Then, you can also find the mid-size fish such as spearfish, tuna, and barracuda. But, this kind of fish is dangerous as well as in the group amount. Finally, you might find the king sea which is the whale. Its size is really huge as it becomes the king of ocean. Overall, this kind of creature has its structure within the body. So, it is categorized as the sea animal.

The other creature is sea plant. Perhaps, if you ever eat nori from Japan, it is the food where produced from the sea weed which is one of sea plants as well. There are also some others sea plant that modify to become food and sometimes give good healthiness for human body. But, there are also various plants which cannot be categorized as sea plants and at the same time cannot been categorized as coral. One of the examples for these kinds of plants is Sea Sponge. But, the uniqueness comes from the unavailable of brain and central nervous system within its body structure.

The Unique Animal in Sea

Well, the sea sponge is an animal which substrates its body within the ocean floor and in the solid location. This animal is passive as well as do not move its body from the substrate. This kind of animal is being covered with the dark skin. It aims to protect its inner body from the fish. The skin is hard as well as smoothies. But, some people try to categorize this kind of animal as plants because of its form. It looks like a sea flower with the beautiful color. This kind of unique animal use the respiratory system to obtain food. This animal eats by filtering the plankton and some organic particles. It uses the tiny pores on the skin. This pore is also used to absorb the oxygen and nourishment to revitalize the natural skin and its inner body system. The important thing that you have to note is this animal does not even have the structure within their body.

Sea Sponge for Commercial

Well, the sad news that you have to hear is regarding to the commercial activity which involve the sea sponge. As the sea sponge is beautiful with its shiny and smooth skin, this kind of animal is being capture to be sold to the customers. It uses for decorating or become the ornament in the house. But, you do not have to be afraid of the scarcity of sea sponge. It is because the animal can be harvested frequently regarding to its re-grow ability. It is known as the one of renewable resources in the sea. As it uses the buddy system of re-growing, it can spread around the source. The thing is you have to harvest it carefully to not break the root of substrate. Nowadays, there are already 5,000 of sea sponges within the world sea as well. So, make sure we use the nature efficiently for human needs.

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