Sea Turtle: Loveable Animal

Well, in this article, we will explain and share the information of sea turtle which has become the most loveable animal in the world. Before talking about the sea turtle, we might start from the various animals within sea that is needed to be conserved. The main reason why some animals need to be conserved is because its scarcity. Some animals were caught due to its valuable capacity. For instance, we might find that shark is the most targeted animal because it can give many advantages for the fisherman. First, the meat can be cooked for meal as well. The shark meat is delicious to be cooked by frying and soup as well. Secondly, the shark’s fin is needed because of its nutritious contains. It has many vitamins and minerals that are needed for human body. Therefore, the shark fin is being targeted as the most valuable part of shark itself. Finally, shark is also being caught because of its jaw’s bone. Some bone collector love to have the jaw to be attached on their wall as well.

But, sometimes, some people cannot really think why sea turtle is being conserved as well. The fact shows that the amount of sea turtle is declining year by year. Some oceanology researchers find the fact that the reproduction of sea turtle is being disturbed by human. The rebirth of sea turtle needs beach for sure. The mother of sea turtle crawls to the shore to lay the eggs. After that, the sea turtle will hatch the eggs until it comes out. After that, the sea turtle baby will crawl to the water as well. But then, the hatching process of sea turtle eggs may be disturbed by human who live in the beach. For instance, while the hatching process is beginning, some people play around the sand where the baby was being hatched. Therefore, the process of egg’s hatching is being intervened. In result, the baby sea turtle is not hatch. That is the reason why the amount of sea turtle is small.

The Body Structure of Sea Turtle
The sea turtle is the most loveable animal within the ocean because of its body structure. Well, the sea turtle is not similar with the freshwater turtle which has feet to crawl fast. The sea turtle only has the flap feet which effectively used for swim fast. Also, if the freshwater turtle can hide its body in the shell, the sea turtle cannot do it. It is because their head cannot be retracted behind. Also, the sea turtle has the sharper nose than the freshwater turtle. Nowadays, there are seven types of sea turtle lives in the sea. Some of its various are loggerhead, green, leatherback, hawksbill, Australian flatback, Kemp’s ridley, and olive ridley.

Protection of Sea Turtle
The uniqueness is in how the female sea turtle lays its eggs. They need to dig the cavity to hide the eggs as well. The female sea turtle will use the hind flippers to dig deeply. The other facts which you have to know are that the lack of sea turtle amount is caused by the natural predation as well. Some land animals such as raccoons and ghost crabs can break up the eggs before it hatches out. Nowadays, there are already many conservation institutions which protect the rebirth process of sea turtle as well. Those institutions have built its foundation in the Australia’s shore as well. Therefore, if you are interested to conserve and care to the sea turtle, you might work to the institution as well. It is good for those who protect the nature as well as protecting the ecosystem of Mother Earth. Being good to the nature is being good to the life future as well.

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