Your Personal Life Shares in Networking

Living apart from your family may be makes you miss them or you want to know about their last activity. When they are separate from you, you can get their last activity by joining the social media that allow you to share with your beloved one such as friends and relatives family to know what are you going to be and your last special moments. You can use some social media that provide with shares content available such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google docs, and the last is Path. These social media allowed you to share your files such as photo and video by using internet connection. However, when you are shares your files, there is any worrying that these files are used by irresponsible person to use it for something wrong. If this happen, you need to use a trusted social media for sharing your file as safe as you want.

For you who love to shares your personal life in social media but has a little worry when you are sharing your files, there is a trusted place to share your personal life in social media, Path. Path offer you a whole control for controlling your share content and people who have right to share it. Path designed with easy, simple, beautiful design to maintain your files. This is a right place for sharing your unforgettable and beautiful moment with our family that separated in other side place. The design featured in Path has created to make the application worked by detailed design and it has make by accurate consideration for each elements. The feature includes in path such as inner circle, messaging, and post shares.

The inner circle will allow you to control who can see the post you have made whether it just a status, photo, and video. You can post your moment and share it with your special and closest friends. To connect with your friends, you can send you friends with text message, voice, and stickers. You can express you feeling and yourself by using this feature. When you post something, you can share it with your Facebook account, Twitter, Foursquare, tumbler or just appear on your path account. With this control, you can post your files in safe and secure way. To get your Path, you can download it and install it on your device such as android, iPhone, iPad, and kindle fire. You can connect with your path in every where you has been.

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