Things to know about getting your tourist visa to Brazil

Over the past few years, Brazil is one country that has caught a lot of tourist attention. Besides tourists, the place is also attracting people who are seeking business opportunities.

For citizens of many countries, visiting Brazil requires you to have a Brazil visa issued. Visa processing may sound a stressful and a complicated process to many, as it involves a lot of bureaucracy and can be very time-consuming.

This country follows the reciprocity policy in regards to visa. Citizens from most of the Western countries except the US, therefore, need to issue their Brazilian visa when travelling to this place for a period of 90 days or less.

Acquiring the travel certificate for visiting this country, does not require you to receive an invitation from a local Brazilian citizen.

Why do you need a Brazil Tourist Visa?

Visa is a mandatory travel certificate or federal authorization, in order to enable a foreign entry into the country land. For most of the countries, this travel permit is an authorization to continue of the visitor’s stay in the territory for a specific period of time. This period is defined in accordance with the person’s purpose to travel the Brazilian land.

This requirement holds true not only for foreigners, who are intending to stay in the country for a short time span, but also those who want to stay in Brazil for long. It is advisable to research upon the requirements for obtaining a Brazil visa, at least a month or two in advance. This should be done to ensure that the document processing completes on time.

General requisites for availing a Brazil travel certificate

• The most important thing one must possess is a valid passport. This means a validity of at least six months from your arrival date in the country.

• In addition, you will need a completed visa application form to be obtained from the consulate. This will form the basis of your request for a Brazil tourist visa.

• Another thing that a candidate needs for getting his Brazil travel certificate, is his/her itinerary copy. This may include submitting your e-ticket, or return ticket, or an onward travel confirmation, along with your application form. You may not submit the originals, a copy of the same is safe as well as sufficient to submit with the visa application.

• A candidate must also possess his ID proof and address proof, both in original.

• The applicant must also present his most recent bank statement. This should contain the applicant’s name (same as the account holder name), date of statement and account transactions.

After a candidate fulfills all the above visa requirements, he is ready to avail his Brazilian travel permit within the next 5 – 20 days. The number of days for getting the visa in-hand may vary according to your home country and the visa you have applied for.

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